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As CID files chargesheet against 3 Muslim girls in Udupi bathroom case, read how Zubair and left-liberals downplayed the heinous crime

Their entire propaganda fell like a house of cards when after widespread outrage, the Karnataka police grudgingly filed an FIR against the 3 Muslim women and the university administration

Udupi washroom video case: Congress stages demonstrations against BJP’s protests demanding justice for victims

The three accused in the Udupi washroom video case were granted bail by the local court on Friday evening.

Udupi: 10 unanswered questions that police, Congress govt and college administrator need to answer – from which phone was handed over to the clear...

The propaganda in Udupi bathroom video recording shows how easy it is for the media and the Left-Islamist ecosystem to play politics over the safety of women

Karnataka: BJP Mahila Morcha and Yuva Morcha stage protest over Udupi washroom video case, demand action against accused students

BJP Mahila Morcha and BJP Yuva Morcha staged a protest demanding action against accused students in college washroom video case

‘No hidden cameras’? Read how Khushbu Sundar’s reply to a specific question was used by propagandists to mislead the narrative again in Udupi bathroom...

Khushbu Sundar did not deny the secret recording of Hindu women in college washroom by their Muslim classmates.

Udupi bathroom video case: Student tells media that accused women shared videos of Hindu women with Muslim men for the past 1 year, administrator...

In an interview to TV9 Kannada, a student from the same college has said that the Muslim women who were making videos of The Hindu girls have been doing this for over 6 months and have also shared the videos with Muslim boys.

Ruining lives of teenagers over Sulli/Bulli deals, whitewashing Udupi case as a ‘prank’: How elements like Zubair, Dhanya and their ilk dehumanise Hindus

3 Muslim women were videotaping Hindu women in the washroom - Dhanya Rajendran and Zubair called it a prank

No, video recording unsuspecting girls inside toilet is not a ‘prank’: How TNM editor and others engaged clever wordplay to whitewash Udupi bathroom video...

The gravity of the situation is expertly diluted by the TNM's editorial wordplay. The fact that video recording someone during their private time, without their consent is a crime, has no importance here, not for TNM, because what is most important for them here is the protection of the perpetrators involved.

Karnataka: Home Minister G Parameshwar calls restroom video shooting in Udupi College a ‘minor issue between friends’, says BJP politicising it

Karnataka's Home Minister G Parameshwar said that the shameful case from a college in Udupi where videos of Hindu girl students were shot in a restroom by Muslim girl students is a 'small incident'

Udupi restroom video row: Mohammed Zubair peddles half information after FIRs are filed in the case, dog-whistles against ANI’s Smita Prakash yet again

Mohammed Zubair and Anusha Sood had been downplaying the Udupi restroom video incident, throwing labels of misinformation at those who raise their voice against it.

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