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Freudian slip of the century: Former US President George Bush says invasion of Iraq was wholly unjustified, ‘corrects’ it to Ukraine a second later

"The result is an absence of checks and balances in Russia, and the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq", the ex-President of the USA blurted out. Then, a moment later, he corrected himself adding 'I mean of Ukraine, heh".

Russia suspends electricity supply to Finland amid growing NATO tensions

The relationship between Russia and Finland has deteriorated rapidly ever since Russia decided to invade Ukraine as part of its 'Special Military Operation'.

Russian space chief threatens Elon Musk with consequences for supporting the Nazi Azov Battalion with his Starlink internet equipment

Russian space chief has threatened Elon Musk of consequences for helping Ukraine armed forces and Nazi Azov Battalion with internet connectivity via his company Starlink.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau visits Ukraine a week after Russia allegedly captured Canadian Lieutenant-General in Ukraine

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has arrived in Ukraine to meet Ukrainian President Zelensky in the middle of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

Vande Bharat trains to use made-in-India wheels as supplies from Ukraine halted due to the war

Railway Wheel Factory in Bengaluru will make the wheels for the Vande Bharat as manufacturing has halted in Ukraine

As US states push for balkanization of India by supporting Khalistan, western intellectuals wonder why India is not supporting US in Ukraine

Western commentators, some of them useful idiots of Indian origin hired by the US, were saying was that India should sacrifice its own interests to promote the current US administration's interests

After reports of death of Ukrainian pilot known as ‘Ghost of Kyiv’, Ukraine says reports are wrong because ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ is the ‘collective...

Ukraine finally admits there is no ‘Ghost of Kyiv’, says it is collective spirit of the highly qualified pilots of the Tactical Aviation Brigade

Which part of the ‘rules-based order’ justifies what the world did in Afghanistan: Dr Jaishankar shows the mirror to the West once again

Dr Jaishankar pointed out how Europe simply advised India to just do more trade when the same rules-based order was under threat in Asia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin declares Mariupol ‘liberated’, it was the base of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion

Russia declares Mariupol 'liberated', last remaining Ukrainian troops surrounded in Azovstal plant.

Volodymyr Zelensky says Ukraine will not give up territory in the east to end the war with Russia

Zelensky said that Ukraine must stand its ground in battle of Donbas, won't give up territory to end war with Russia

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