Tuesday, July 5, 2022



Qatar World Cup security official says rainbow flags may be confiscated to “protect” fans for supporting gay rights

Qatar, where same-sex relations are criminalized, has said that they will welcome LGBT+ community during the World Cup,

Google says it won’t allow anti-Ukraine content to make money, removes ads from article talking about Nazi aspects of Azov Battalion

The tech giant has said that it will not show any ads on pages that has content that in their worldview ‘exploits, dismisses, or condones the war’

Former US President Donald Trump says Putin should reveal why the Biden family was paid 3.5 million USD by the Moscow mayor’s wife

Former POTUS Donald Trump alleged that the Russian oligarch Yelena Baturina, the wife of the Moscow mayor, gave $3.5 million a decade ago to a company set up by Hunter Biden to favour Joe Biden.

Ukrainian foreign minister asks all countries to criminalize the symbol ‘Z’ to boycott Russia

Critics have dubbed the 'Z' symbol as Putin's version of the Nazi symbol 'hooked cross' (Hakenkreuz).

Russia-Ukraine war: Anti-imperialist Left’s sudden love for Uncle Sam

If you have noticed the Stalinist left “intellectual” and left controlled media coverage of the ongoing Ukraine crisis, you would have noticed one strange thing.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich suffered suspected poisoning during Ukrainian peace talks

Billionaire oligarch Roman Abramovich, suffered suspected poisoning along with at least 2 other peace negotiators from Ukraine

Russian prank callers fool UK Home Secretary Priti Patel into a 15 minutes call, had pranked UK Defence Secretary earlier

After Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, Russian prank callers talk to Priti Patel for 15 minutes on the Ukraine issue

USA President Joe Biden makes another gaffe? Tells US troops in Poland that they are ‘going to be in Ukraine’, White House clarifies

Joe Biden made another gaffe while talking to the US troops posted in Poland claiming that troops would be 'going to Ukraine'

No blue eyes, no blond hair: Is that why victims of war in Ethiopia and Yemen are children of a lesser God?

While the west focuses on humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine, it has turned a blind eye to sufferings of victims in Ethiopia and Yemen

NOT satire: Russia gets banned in tree competition, Poland wins ‘European Tree of the Year’ award

Poland won the European tree of the year competition this year after Russia was disqualified over its invasion of Ukraine.

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