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Delhi Police patrols area around Jama Masjid in the wake of Hamas’ call to global Ummah to mark Friday prayers as “day of Jihad”

Israel's Foreign Ministry and the National Security Council has urged all Israelis who are abroad to take extra care on Friday

There is no common brotherhood, only ‘common enemy’: How the Ummah ignores millions of Muslim victims but gets together against Jews, Hindus, and Christians

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that common victimhood has become a tool, while common brotherhood is just a blatant lie, the only thing that unites the Arab World is the hatred of the 'common enemy' – Israel, followed by Hindus and Christians with outcasted Muslim sects in between.

‘The victory of Ummah’: Muslim netizens rejoice after Saudi Arabia stuns Argentina in FIFA World Cup

Muslim social media users hailed Saudi Arabia's win over Argentina as the victory of the 'Muslim Ummah.'

Rana Ayyub ‘corrects her mistake’ after fellow Muslims slam her for supporting Salman Rushdie, deletes tweet where she wished him recovery

Islamists have moved on from choosing ummah over country to choosing ummah over basic human decency.

BJP suspends Nupur Sharma: I am sad, disgusted, and worried

Nupur Sharma was suspended from the primary membership of the party for her comments on Prophet Mohammad, and we need to talk about it

Pakistan: Jamaat-e-Islami leader calls for Ummah unity to solve the ‘Kashmir issue’

Pakistan's Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul-Haq said a united Ummah could decisively solve the problem of Kashmir and Palestine

26/11 and the test of Islam: Read how a few verses of the Quran became the decider of fate

Two hostages were freed by the LeT terrorists Oberoi Trident Hotel for being fellow Muslims.

Viral video: UP IAS officer Md Iftikharuddin seen promoting conversions, hailing ‘spreading Islam all over the world’

IAS officer Muhammad Iftikharuddin accused of running Islamist propaganda, encouraging conversions and using official residence to spread Islam.

Turkey Pres Erdogan fans conflict, dials up Muslim leaders to take strong stance against Israel

Recep Tayyip Erdogan invokes the 'ummah', calls upon Muslim leaders to take stand against Israel

The relationship between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia deteriorates even more, here are the factors behind it

The decades long flourishing relationship between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan has suddenly nosedived due to various factors

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