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United Opposition

‘Unstable PM Contender’: Posters mocking Bihar CM Nitish Kumar comes up in Bengaluru amid opposition ‘unity’ meeting

The posters in which Nitish Kumar was referred to as the "unstable Prime Ministerial contender" appeared at a time when Opposition parties are holding a two-day mega 'unity' meeting in Bengaluru

26 opposition parties name their alliance as ‘INDIA’: Read what it means

26 opposition parties including the Congress, DMK, Uddhav Thackeray's Shiv Sena, Samajwadi Party, TMC and others are holding their second meeting in Bengaluru currently.

‘Shadi kariye, deri nahi hua hai, humlog baraati chalenge’: Lalu Prasad Yadav gives ‘marriage’ advice to Rahul Gandhi at opposition meet

Addressing a joint press conference of the Opposition at Patna, Lalu Prasad Yadav urged the 53-year-old Rahul Gandhi to get married soon

‘Pappu’ and ‘Paltu’ of Indian politics come together, will they be able to ensure opposition unity before 2024 elections?

Rahul Gandhi is meeting all opposition leaders, but question remains if it will help in ensuring an opposition unity before 2024 polls

‘BJP-RSS leaders eat everything behind doors’: TMC MP Sushmita Sen after reports that Tandoori Chicken served at opposition protest before Gandhi Statue

According to media reports, a variety of food from curd rice and idli-sambhar to tandoori chicken were served during protest by opposition in parliament

TMC VP Yashwant Sinha deletes old abusive tweet after being declared Presidential candidate of ‘United Opposition’

Yashwant Sinha has deleted his old tweet in which he was seen retorting back to a user with a Hindi slang 'Ch*tiya'

‘There are extra-ordinary qualities in PM Narendra Modi that I must appreciate’: NCP leader Majeed Memon; asks opposition to introspect

Former Rajya Sabha MP from the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), Majeed Memon has put out a series of tweets praising Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

While Opposition parties appear ‘united’ now, they were against each other during COVID crisis and played with our lives

These politicians are not coming together because they care for people like you and I. They are coming together to defeat Modi and in doing so, played with our lives.

From media propaganda to absurd outrage by opposition: Things that are helping the Modi Sarkar

If you want to know what real farmers (outside of TV studios) feel about the new farm laws, look no further than the absolute drubbing of Congress in rural polls across Rajasthan yesterday.

Despite restrictions, delegation of opposition leaders to go to Jammu & Kashmir

The Jammu & Kashmir administration has appealed to the political leaders to not visit the valley as restrictions are still in place in some parts and their visit may increase inconvenience of people.

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