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Valentine's Day

Passionate 10-minute-kiss leaves boyfriend deaf: Expressing love on China’s Valentine’s Day ruptures eardrum of a Chinese man, read why it happens

The incident took place on 22nd August 2023. The Qixi Festival is the Chinese equivalent of Valentine's Day.

From sharing beef curry images to insinuating ‘bhakts’ having sex with cows, ‘liberals’ mock cow hug day

The Animal Welfare Board's suggestion to celebrate February 14 as 'Cow Hug Day', was met with memes and jokes by many 'liberals'.

Pakistani universities rename Valentine’s Day as ‘Haya Day’, mandate fine for interaction between male and female students

In Pakistan, Valentine's Day is observed as 'Haya Day', universities ask male and female students to maintain specified physical distance.

Sonam Kapoor’s tweet location set to Lahore in Pakistan creates furore, husband’s clothing brand had recently shot ad there

'Bhane', the clothing brand owned by Sonam Kapoor's husband Anand Ahuja had recently shot ads in Lahore.

If people who are driven by ‘hateful’ ideologies can’t love their partners, does Ravish Kumar no longer love his wife?

Who exactly has hate in his heart, Ravish? What is good for the goose should be good for the gander.

Madhya Pradesh: Muslim man defying all odds marries a transgender women on Valentine’s Day

The two tied the knot in a Hindu ceremony in a temple on February 14 and also plan a nikaah as per Muslim traditions.

The Left Can’t Meme: Congress party’s cringe worthy tweets on Valentines Day appear desperate rather than funny

The tweets by the Congress party, instead of tickling one's funny bones, come across as a desperate attempt to appear 'hip' and sway the online youth.

On Valentine’s day, Bajrang Dal marries off a couple in Hyderabad

The Bajrang Dal had issued strict warnings to the couple against celebrating Valentine’s day saying it doesn’t comply with Hindu culture and traditions.

Dear Hindu Mahasabha, stop insulting the legacy of Hindus and your founder

The Hindu Mahasabha is back with their bizzare views on Valentine's Day. Right time that people stand against such stupidity.

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