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If people who are driven by ‘hateful’ ideologies can’t love their partners, does Ravish Kumar no longer love his wife?

Ravish wants women to believe that those who are hateful in public can't be romantic in real life. Hitler had a loving girlfriend while Albert Einstein had a troubled marriage. And haven't we all seen a very publicly 'romantic' politician who is accused of murdering his own wife?

It is Valentine’s Day today, the day where people around the world celebrate love. Of course, the world is divided on its celebration too. However, without getting into the debate, let’s talk about this post of NDTV India’s Ravish Kumar that is going viral on social media today.

Ravish Kumar in his Facebook post today gave ‘unwanted gyaan’ to women and asked them not to choose a man with ‘communal mindset’. He claims that a man who hates others will ‘never be able to love you’. “You may marry him out of your own choice or your parents may choose him for you, but do not marry such a man. Men who are communal in thoughts are rioters not only in political space but also personal space,” he claims.

By that logic, Ravish, do you no longer love your wife? Aren’t you driven by your hate for Modi? And your hate for imagined ‘Hindu nationalism’?

Twahda hate secular, humara hate communal?

Kya karein hum, marr jayein?

Labelling other’s ideology (Ravish prides in propagating the use of term ‘Godi Media’ for those media houses which do not hate on Modi as much as he does) as hateful is essentially reverse psychology. Deep down you know that Modi-hate is the only factor driving you but want to feel good about your shallowness.

Ravish Kumar, like many of the Lutyens’ ‘journalists’ and self-proclaimed ‘intellectuals’ has a sense of superiority for having ideas inspired from left-leaning ideologies. People like him like to claim that they are fighting for social justice and are the self-appointed guardians of equality. These are the ideas Left traditionally claims to support, including the ‘fight for poor’. In fact, many so-called journalists in Delhi have been associated with left parties like SFI and others during their college days and have been card carrying members of these parties. Somehow they feel they are morally superior to others because of the romanticised idea of ‘revolution’.

But haven’t left-leaning ideologies killed millions, way more, than Hitler, who systematically murdered millions of Jews in Nazi Germany? Communism is a plague that has killed millions by starvation, famines and torture. Law professor Ilya Somin in his articles explained that communist states have killed over 100 million people in a century. To put things in perspective, in Russia alone, Joseph Stalin’s attempts to collectivise agriculture and production led to 6 to 10 million deaths.

Because of Stalin’s ‘collective farming’ mandate, millions starved in Russia and Ukraine and more in the prison camps for defying the orders. Stalin’s atrocities were not limited to the Soviet famine alone. He followed it up with the ‘Great Purge’. Wealthy peasants, politicians, military personnel, ethnic minorities, if Stalin did not like them, they were sent to prison to be tortured or killed. The toll was just over 1.2 million.

Here is another example of how China’s Mao killed 45 million Chinese people in just four years. Mao Zedong’s collectivisation led to man-made famines, food shortage, poverty and starvation. Mao Zedong’s ‘Great Leap Forward’ is referred to as the single largest mass-murder in the history of the world. He killed over 45 million people in just four years, between 1958 and 1962. Of these, 3 million were killed for slightest infraction, like stealing a potato or hiding a handful of grains.

And not to mention the exploitation of women in left-leaning ideologues. In fact, you don’t even have to go too far. In the ‘liberal’ world, the likes of Ravish Kumar will #BelieveHer until one of them is accused of sexual harassment. His own brother, Brijesh Kumar Pandey, a Congress leader, was also accused of sexual harassment. Not a single Prime Time show by the ‘Godi Media’ hater.

Ravish cried rivers when Tabrez Ansari, an alleged mobile phone thief, was killed by a mob. But when Rinku Sharma is killed by a mob, Ravish likes to ‘contextualise’ it instead of calling out the crime. So who exactly has hate in his heart, Ravish? What is good for the goose should be good for the gander.

And Ravish broke his Twitter sabbatical after an FIR was lodged against Caravan India for spreading fake news about death of a rioter Navreet. But when Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami is harassed, it is celebrated. Why do you hate Arnab so much, Ravish? Is it because he is more successful than you are? How much blinded you are in your hate for Arnab that you did not even care that his son was being dragged into this.

Ravish wants women to believe that those who are hateful in public can’t be romantic in real life. Hitler had a loving girlfriend/mistress Eva Braun, whom he married just 40 hours before they jointly committed suicide. And haven’t we all seen a very publicly ‘romantic’ politician who is accused of murdering his own wife?

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Nirwa Mehta
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