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Car of woman who stood up against bullying ‘farmers’ blocking roads vandalised

The car of a woman who stood up against bullying 'farmers' for enforcing blockades, a video of which had gone viral, was vandalised.

Punjab: Man dresses up as a woman to write exam on girlfriend’s behalf, arrested

A man in Punjab was arrested after he was caught disguising himself as a woman to take exam on girlfriend's behalf.

‘Who is this woman?’ Orry responds as Suchitra Krishnamoorthi warns against ‘Orry culture’ of popularity taking precedence over talent

Earlier, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi had called "Orry Culture" dangerous, talking about the latest Bollywood trend where popularity takes precedence over talent.

Attack on Israel: Hamas terrorists parade captured Israeli women and body of a killed woman while chanting “Allah hu Akbar” slogans

During the surprise attack on Israel, Hamas terrorists kidnapped a large number of citizens and paraded them on the streets of Gaza Strip

Anees and Azad, killed and injured in encounter after attacking female cop, had brainwashed minor Hindu girls: Read the story of their conversion after...

Anees and Azad who had attacked a female cop have a long criminal history and charges like grooming jihad and oppressing Dalits.

Pakistan: Tribal woman stoned to death over allegations of adultery, tortured by husband and his 2 brothers

Husband and two brothers murdered Alkani tribe woman by crushing her skull with stones.

‘Tausif Pathan ruined my life’: Hindu woman commits suicide, blames harassment and molestation by neighbour in her suicide note

In her suicide note, the Hindu woman blamed one Tausif Pathan for continuously harassing her and pushing her to the brink of committing suicide.

Woman urinates on the floor of Spirit Airlines plane saying staff didn’t let her use the bathroom for two hours

A woman on board a Spirit Airlines flight urinated on the floor because she was denied access to the lavatory.

Seema Haider is cheating everyone, she moved to India only to watch world cup matches: Her friends, former boyfriend & a doctor make explosive...

Several persons in Pakistan have claimed that Seema Haider is a psycho and dangerous to anyone she lives with

Indore: PFI-linked woman caught recording court proceedings of Bajrang Dal leader, VHP demands strict action

PFI-linked woman Sonu Mansori posing as junior advocate arrested by police for recording video in court in Indore

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