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Seema Haider is cheating everyone, she moved to India only to watch world cup matches: Her friends, former boyfriend & a doctor make explosive claims

Seema Haider's ex-boyfriend Osama claimed that she started the relationship with Sachin Meena because of his name, as she is made about cricket and a fan of Sachin Tendulkar

Pakistani woman Seema Haider (30) grabbed headlines after she was arrested on 4 July for illegally entering India. She had entered the country via Nepal around a month ago with her four children, all under the age of seven, to be with her lover, Sachin Meena (25), in Uttar Pradesh’s Greater Noida. The couple were released on bail on the 7th of July. They met through the popular online game PUBG: Battlegrounds in 2019.

Seema Haider accused her husband Ghulam Haider who is presently in Saudi Arabia of physically abusing her during their marriage. He recently released a video asking the Narendra Modi government to intervene in the matter. He wanted his wife and children to be sent back to Pakistan and alleged that she was lured and manipulated to come to India through PUBG.

The Pakistani government has also taken cognizance of the case. The government has reportedly sought information about the ongoing developments around Seema Haider.

Shocking claims of Seema Haider’s alleged friend

Now, some statements made in a 2-minute and 20-second video by a friend of Seema Haider have gone popular on social media. She can be seen wearing the burqa while talking to a YouTuber Syed Basit Ali. The woman claimed that Seema Haider prefers cricket over all other sports at the beginning of the conversation and remarked, “She is very crazy about the game. She also cheats a lot.”

She insisted that she was aware of Seema Haider’s impending trip to India and considered exposing her friend’s true face to everyone when she learned that the latter was converting her religion from Islam to Hinduism.

“If she sees this, the ground will give way beneath her feet,” the woman responded when asked if her friend would be able to recognise her in the video. She then reiterated that Seema Haider likes cricket even more than PUBG.

When asked about the reason behind the revelations, she answered, “I don’t need her. She has betrayed Islam.” She further continued that her friend was defrauding Hindus as well. The woman accused, “She can do anything. She was a Muslim who she has embraced Hinduism. She can also convert to Christianity tomorrow.” The woman called Seema a ‘psycho’, a ‘harami’.

The accusations of Seema Haider’s former boyfriend and others

Syed Basit Ali has talked to several other persons in Pakistan who knows Seema on the issue. Talkin to him, a man named Osama introduced himself as Seema Haider’s ex-boyfriend and charged that she had relationships with several other males in her native country, including Musa, Arif, Aslam and Sayan among others. He described her as very cunning and warned Sachin Meena that he would share their fate.

He stated that she is very fond of cricket and never missed an opportunity to watch Cricket World Cup matches. Osama claimed that Seema moved to India only to watch India-Pakistan cricket matches. He added that she had chosen a boy with the name Sachin Meena because of her strong affection for Sachin Tendulkar.

Osama added that he also met Seema through PUBG. He further warned Indians saying that just like today Seema has defamed Pakistan, and she will defame India later after her purposes are fulfilled. He claimed that she will return to her husband in Dubai after watching the world cup matches in India.

Accusing Seema Haider of defaming Muslims, Syed Basit Ali talked to another woman who claimed to be a friend of Seema. The woman claimed that Seema had done black magic on her husband before their marriage, she wanted to snatch her lover from her. The woman claimed that her husband is in a very bad status due to the black magic done to him, adding that her husband have come to footpath because of her.

She claimed that she will dump Sachin just like she dumped others earlier. She claimed that Seema cheated on her parents, her husband, and her husband, and she will also cheat on Sachin similarly. She added that Seema is not a Muslim, and she is not a Pakistani.

This woman also claimed that Seema moved to India only to watch cricket matches.

In order to ‘expose’ Seema Haider, Syed Basit Ali also interviewed a doctor, who had allegedly treated her. He said that she had gone to him over issues like anxiety, depression, aggression, panic, obsession with phones and games like PUBG, and tensions in family life. The doctor also claimed that Seema also had sexually transmitted diseases. He added that as she stay away from her patients and were in multiple live-in relationships, she got the STDs.

He said that the main issue with Seema was psychiatric disorders, adding that patients like her can harm anyone. Calling her a manic patient, he said that she can be dangerous for anyone who lives with her. The doctor claimed that Seema was his online patient.

The doctor claimed he is revealing confidential information about the woman because she has become a traitor and is defaming Islam.

Syed Basit Ali is a YouTuber and content creator and on his channel, he interviews people from various walks of life. Earlier one of his videos had gone viral in India where he had interviewed a young woman, a doctor, who had married into a rich family in Lahore, only to find out that the entire family was beggars.

Seema Haider’s 5 passports

There is also suspicion about Seema Haider because she possesses five passports. People asserted that she is a Pakistani spy who is playing the game of love to hide in India. Seema Haider acknowledged that she holds multiple passports in an interview.

“Sir, I have five passports. One passport is rejected because it has the name Seema on it. Nepali Embassy did not give me a visa. I also handed over that one to the police,” she proclaimed.

She voiced that she has her own Identity Document (ID) card when inquired about the same. She also has a Corona vaccination card along with a copy of her father’s ID card and her Pakistani spouse’s ID card.

Some even pronounced that the Pakistani woman speaks fluent English and is computer literate. According to them, she is actually an operative of the Pakistani intelligence agency who has been installed in India as part of a large-scale scheme by that country’s infamous spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

In the opinion of former Uttar Pradesh Director General of Police (DGP) Vikram Singh, both the police and the intelligence community should conduct a thorough investigation into the case. He also raised concern over how an average Pakistani mother and her four children can cross borders without a valid visa and move to Noida without being discovered by Indian authorities.

Threats issued over Seema Haider

A group of Pakistani men belonging to the Jhakrani tribe in Balochistan threatened to rape and kill Hindu women in Sindh if India does not send back Seema Haider and her children to their country. If the Indian Government rejected their demand, the men who appeared with their faces covered and holding guns, pledged to hunt down, rape and kill every Hindu female in Sindh, in an extremely profane language.

The Mumbai Police informed that its Traffic Control Room received a call from an unidentified Urdu-speaking caller, who warned the police of a 26/11-like terror attack if Seema Haider is not returned to Pakistan. “If Seema Haider doesn’t return, India will face destruction,” the person threatened. The Mumbai police started a search for the perpetrator and also notified their Uttar Pradesh police associates. However, per the officials, no case was reported as of yet.

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