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Humans of Hindutva should shut up : This is a free country, I’ll write whatever the heck I want

Editor’s Note: Ahmed Shariff is Bangalore based blogger and standup comedian. Shariff identifies himself as a moderate Muslim and has been vocal in voicing his views on the extremists and how minorities are being played by the ‘liberal’ media. He has also come out in support of activist Tommy Robinson, who has been arrested in the UK for reporting on a paedophile grooming trial. For his views on Robinson and for writing for OpIndia, Shariff was targetted by hate mongering Facebook page masquerading as ‘parody‘, ‘Humans of Hindutva’. Shariff has written a response to Humans of Hindutva, which we are sharing verbatim, with his permission.

As a rule, I don’t start fights on the internet (anymore), but you started this, and here’s what I have to say:

Your asinine insults and ignorant comments full off sweeping generalizations and misrepresentations and overwhelming ignorance about Islam and Muslims clearly betray the fact that you have never in your life read a page of the Quran, never stepped into a mosque, never bothered speaking to an actual Muslim. Cuz if you did, you would know all moderate/progressive Muslims are on the side of Tommy Robinson (in this case at least) and appreciate the good work he is doing to uncover the filth. This is what happens when you spend too much time in front of a computer screen and too little time in the real world. Don’t believe me? Sorry to break your bubble, but prominent progressive Muslims leaders and public figures have come out in support of Tommy Robinson. Here. Read and weep:

Imam Tawhidi –

Tarek Fatah –

Maajid Nawaz –


Such loathe. Much Islamophobia. Wow.

Also, look at this clip, where he’s hating on a Muslim and a non-white. Look at him. Just look at him, the animal! :’-(


Clearly, you have not bothered to listen to the other side of the story. You have just vomited out whatever you heard from your libtard rag echo chambers.

Fun fact: Tommy Robinson has distanced himself from EDL – a fact pointed out by one of your OWN FOLLOWERS on your timeline. It was a pleasure seeing you get ripped by your own followers.

As for my OpIndia articles, did you even read what I wrote? If you get your head out of… whatever orifice it’s stuck in, and read from a neutral non-biased perspective, you will see that I have stayed as neutral and non-partisan as possible, criticized ALL sides. Tell me where I have “a**-kissed Brahmins.” All I did was call out liberal media on their fear-mongering tactics. They claim to be on the side of minorities but are doing more harm than good. But hey, facts don’t matter to you, you had already decided what you wanted to write about me, and went ahead with it anyway – not like your sheep-brained followers would bother to cross-check. I could have posted a kitten video, it would have made no difference to you.

Yes, Tommy Robinson is no fan of Islam, he has criticized Islam in very harsh words, that’s a different issue and I am very aware of that. But here, he is 100% correct in calling out the British government’s inaction and hypocrisy. And he has never shied away from calling out violent radicals – something even we moderate Muslims do. Parents and community elders strictly warn us, youngsters – “Stay away from the bearded folk.” Did you know this?

Besides, you are not even focusing on the main issue here. Thousands of kids got raped! Does that mean anything to you, you subhuman creature!?

I have been following the stories of Britain’s Islamic radicalization since the mid-2000s, since the days of Anjem Choudhary, long before your turd of a page was up before even Facebook and Twitter came into existence. There is something very shady going on. Tommy Robinson has been hounded and harassed for years by the establishment which is acting suspicious like they are trying to cover something up. He has been arrested before on technicalities, clearly, the government has it for him – so it is not an inaccurate statement when one says he was “arrested for reporting on paedophile gangs.”

You are a well-known joke on the Indian internet, and when I made a tweet about your arrogant and condescending post, you made another follow-up post about that where you said you have “merely pointed out my inaccuracies” but as the screenshots below show, you have clearly done a lot more than that. Own up to what you did, you lying slimeball! You didn’t just benevolently point out my inaccuracies, you have accused me of “sucking Hindutva c***” and “being employed” by far-right publications and have incited your followers who called me names like “Uncle Tom,” and “Black Republican” and “Kanye West of India.” You are no better than the bhakts and alt-right trolls you claim to take on.

Post by Facebook page ‘Humans of Hindutva’ targeting Ahmed Shariff.
Facebook user calling out Humans of Hindutva’s lack of logic.
‘Humans of Hindutva’ page triggered by Shariff’s reaction and not toeing the line.
‘Humans of Hindutva’ showing his strange obsession with OpIndia

And no, I won’t write about “Hindus and child marriage” because it’s not a subject I know much about. I’m sure there is enough material on the internet about it already.

I swear I haven’t been paid a single rupee, I felt I had to write these articles to defuse communal tensions which were spiralling out of control. I wrote from the heart, I’m not doing this for money or fame. I wrote because someone had to undo the damage done by you. I’m getting paid you say? That’s a pretty damning accusation. Unless you have copies of my receipts, you can shut up!

As someone who claims to be champion of minorities, you did not shy away from calling me “miyaan” in a slur-like condescending manner. Listen, bud – I am not your miyaan, I am not your bhaijaan and I am not your Abdul Puncturewaala!
Someone who accuses me of “sucking Hindutva c***” doesn’t realize he himself is “sucking Muslim c***.”

I am about to drop a really inconvenient truth now – the worst enemy of Muslims in India are not “ Fascist Brahmins” or “Jews” – it’s Muslims themselves. It’s Muslims lack of willingness to think progressively and be more open-minded is what’s keeping them backward. The community is in desperate need of reforms. Period. This point has also been reiterated by community elders and sermons in mosques where Imams say things like “Ghair qaum ko shikaayat ka mauka mat do.” (Don’t give non-Muslims a reason to complain about us). And you don’t you DARE argue with me about this, me and my family have done a lot of charity/NGO work in backward Muslim areas in my native Mysore, we know what we have seen. Doesn’t matter how much assistance you give people if they are not willing to help themselves. This is reasonable criticism and self-introspection, but you and your ilk cry “Islamophobia.”

Some of us chose to educate ourselves and join mainstream society, live with dignity, and refuse to be “victims” and “oppressed.” But you don’t like that, do you? You WANT us to be victims, I must just shut up and play my part in the script you SJWs have written for me. I cannot voice my own thoughts, cannot have an opinion that deviates from your narrative. Well, guess what…I don’t need your hoity-toity highness to lecture me on how to live my life! Yes, as a minority in India, I am very much hounded and harassed – by liberals! I’m sick of you disconnected-from-reality rich kids pouncing on me whenever I deviate from your script. calling me names and like Uncle Tom, Kanye West, racist, sexist, Islamophobe, homophobe, this -ist, that -phobe, enough is enough! The more you try to suppress my voice, the louder I will shout!

I was just a guy minding my own business, only “mistake” I made is writing a couple of things that went against the leftist narrative, questioned the hypocrisy. The hate and vitriol I received for that was unbelievable! It’s your constant name-calling and shaming and harassment that radicalized me. You created this monster, you deal with it now. I refuse to be a puppet in your kabuki theatre, this is a free country, I’ll write whatever the heck I want! Speaking of which, I’m writing more articles for OpIndia, & might even start my own podcast soon. So stock up on the burnol, Bucko!

P.S. Hope that was “mercilessly savage” enough.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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