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Rajdeep attempts to insult Hindus by equating Sati with Sabarimala traditions, gets caught in his own hate

In Rajdeep's quest to defame Hinduism, he ended up admitting that Semitic religions are innately intolerant.

Controversial journalist Rajdeep Sardesai yesterday tried to equate the Sati tradition with Sabarimala, implying that if any tradition is opposed by the majority, it doesn’t mean the tradition may necessarily be good for the larger society.

Sati is an obsolete practice where a widow would immolate herself on her husband’s pyre which has been abolished in India. Raja Ram Mohan Roy had led a crusade against the Sati system, polygamy, child marriage and the caste system and Brahma Samaj, a socio-religious reform movement played a major role in reforming and modernising the Indian society.

Sardesai claims that Raja Ram Mohan Roy’s movement to abolish Sati faced opposition from the whole ‘Hindu India’. Similarly, the way people are opposing the Supreme Court’s judgement of allowing women of all age group to the Sabarimala shrine in Kerala, Sardesai asks, what should be our moral responsibility be.

Sardesai was corrected by many, including author Amish Tripathi, who pointed out that it was not the whole of India that practised Sati. He pointed out how almost none of the widows in the Hindu epics Ramayan and Mahabharat committed Sati.

Now Sardesai shifted his focus from saying whole ‘Hindu India’ opposed the campaign to ban the practise of Sati to the fact that the practice was prevalent. He talks about how the society-sanctioned customs and traditions should go with time.

He then pointed out how 8,135 confirmed instances of Sati between the fifteen year period of 1813 and 1828 is not ‘minor’ as pointed out by Tripathi.

He was again explained the flaw in his argument that he could not compare Sati, which spoke of the right to life versus the Sabarimala temple which speaks of the right to access.

There has been a constant attempt by the ‘liberal’-activists to demonise Hindu traditions and festivals. Sardesai’s tweets reek of Hinduphobia under the garb of liberalism and was rightly pointed out by Mohandas Pai. He reminded Rajdeep that states like Rajasthan had the custom of committing ‘Jauhar’ because, after the husband’s death, women didn’t want to be taken captive by Islamic invaders and turned into sex slaves. One recalls the case of Rani Padmavati and how she committed Jauhar to escape the wrath of Allahuddin Khilji.

To that, in his usual modus operandi, Rajdeep said, “You read mythology, I read history sir. You seek to semitise Hinduism and turn it into religion of hate and exclusion, I see it as a great religion of reform, pluralism and inclusion. Happy to debate anywhere, anytime. Gnight, shubhratri”.

However, in that statement, Rajdeep made a grave error. Rajdeep has often displayed his pathalogical Hinduphobia while championing the cause of “minority rights” that basically translates into an Anti Hindu, Pro Muslim stand. In fact, he even wrote a vile essay after the brutal murder of Hindu activist Prashant Poojari. Rajdeep had written that the murder of Poojari cannot be compared to the Dadri lynching because the former had a “political context”. This argument clearly pointed to Rajdeep’s malaise against Hindus and Hinduism.

In his response, however, Rajdeep betrayed his own cause. As aptly pointed out by Author Sandeep Balakrishna, Rajdeep in his response basically admitted that Semitic religions are innately violent and intolerant. This is something that Rajdeep has perhaps spent his career trying to disprove.

In Rajdeep’s quest to defame Hinduism, he ended up admitting that Semetic religions, or Abrahamic religions are innately intolerant. One has to wonder whether Rajdeep hate for Hinduism is so strong, that it has the potential to make him say things which he has tried to deny for the better part of his career.

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