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Maharashtra: Muslim mob stops Hindus from celebrating Holika Dahan in Akola, pours water to douse the ritualistic fire

A Muslim mob stopped Hindus in Akola district of Maharashtra from burning the pyre during Holika Dahan on eve of Holi

‘Testing tolerance of a calm and civilized society is not appropriate’: Read what VHP said about the Holika Dahan case in Delhi

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has demanded action against the police officers who allegedly put off Holika Dahan in Delhi.

BBC, with history of anti-Hindu bias, attempts to take Hinduism out of Holi and Islamise the festival of colours: Details

The British public broadcaster BBC took to social media to Islamise Holi and attempted to take Hinduism out of the festival.

Uttar Pradesh: Plastic veil to ‘protect’ over 40 mosques in ‘sensitive’ areas ahead of ‘Joota Maar Holi’ procession to maintain peace

As there are mosques located along the route of the procession, the officials have added a thick security blanket across the town.

Uttar Pradesh: Farrukhabad official calls Holi ‘nashe ka tyauhar’ at peace committee meeting ahead of Holi and Shab-e-Barat

Farrukhabad city magistrate Ashok Kamat Maurya made a controversial remark against Holi, triggering strong protests.

After opposing the Jallikattu tooth and nail, Rahul Gandhi looks to salvage image by attending the festival

After Congress opposed Jallikattu and called it cruel and barbaric for years,, Party's top leader today attended the festivities in Madurai.

Are you suggesting we invite Corona?: Netizens question TimesNow as it suggests ‘Corona Rangoli’ designs for a ‘Covidified Diwali’

It is inconceivable as to why the news channel will encourage decorating homes with Rangolis, resembling the deadly Coronavirus

‘Tanishq, you failed to understand the essence of Diwali’: Here is how netizens reacted to the dull, bizarre ad

Social media users criticised the Tanishq ad for being 'preachy' while failing to capture the joy and excitement of Diwali.

Why don’t we give credit to Hindu festivals for reviving the economy?

Say it with me: It is the Hindu festival season that has brought the economy back on track.

Complaints filed against Eros Now and Arré for vulgar social media posts related to Navratri

Both Eros Now and Arre had published social media posts linking Navratri festival with sex and vulgarity

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