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Rahul Gandhi can’t even manage to make a courtesy call to a cancer patient without lying profusely

By trying to further a false narrative based on doctored tapes while lying blatantly in name of an ailing chief minister, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has just lowered the bar of decency.

Just when you thought Congress and its leaders could not stoop any lower, the party President threw in a surprise. Escaping the muggy, depressing Delhi winter, Congress President Rahul Gandhi was in Goa over the weekend. While in Goa, he visited the ailing Goa Chief Minister, Manohar Parrikar as a courtesy visit.

Rahul Gandhi wished CM Parrikar speedy recovery and the meeting lasted for about five minutes. As per reports, Goa Leader of Opposition Chandrakant Kavlekar had said that the doctored Rafale audio tapes were not even discussed. “It was a private visit. That issue was not discussed. Rahul Gandhi could make an official trip to Goa next month,” Kavlekar had said. In fact, Rahul Gandhi complained about Delhi weather while complimenting how beautiful Goa is.

Except, the ‘courtesy call’ visit was followed by a lie by Congress President Rahul Gandhi. While addressing Polling Booth Committee Members in Kerala, Rahul Gandhi claimed that former Defence Minister, Manohar Parrikar has “clearly stated that he had nothing to do with the new deal that was orchestrated by Narendra Modi to benefit Anil Ambani.”

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Rahul Gandhi’s statement came hours after the said ‘courtesy call’ to CM Parrikar where Congress leaders have categorically denied having discussed the so-called Rafale tapes or even Rafale as an issue.

Rahul Gandhi’s ‘courtesy call’ had raised a few eyebrows as it came a day after he had accused CM Parrikar of being in possession of ‘explosive Rafale secrets’.

Earlier in the month, the Congress party had released an alleged conversation between Goa Minister Vishwajit Rane and a journalist where the former is claimed to be saying that Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has Rafale files in his bedroom. Both Rane and Parrikar had rubbished the tape and called it doctored.

Then, Rahul Gandhi attempted to play the doctored tape in the Parliament but Lok Sabha Speaker ordered him to authenticate it first. He refused to do so and instead tried to brazen it out.

This sheer lack of integrity and honesty, on Rahul Gandhi’s part is disgusting to say the least. This, especially when he was visiting the Goa Chief Minister, in his personal capacity.

After the Supreme Court declared that there was no need for a court-monitored probe into the Rafale deal, Rahul Gandhi has been clutching at straws.

Over the course of many months, he has been spreading many canards about the deal. He had falsely claimed that the government had removed the CBI Director Alok Verma to stop him from probing the Rafale deal. On another occasion in the Lok Sabha, he claimed that he was told personally by the French President that there was no secrecy pact between the two countries which prevented the government from discussing the terms and price of the Rafale jets. His lies prompted the French government to issue a statement where it was said that the secrecy pact was signed when UPA was in power.

Rahul Gandhi had also alleged that Reliance will benefit by US$ 4 billion. Later, he added another US$ 16 billion for “Rafale lifecycle Contract” out of thin air. Needless to say, these figures have no basis in fact. We have comprehensively busted all of Rahul Gandhi’s lies on the matter, which do not appear to end. The articles can be read here and here.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s attempt at targeting a critically ill Manohar Parrikar is a desperate and distasteful strategy to gain electoral benefits from a person’s poor health. Considering the fact that he is suffering from Pancreatic Cancer, it is incredibly insensitive on the part of the Congress to indulge in such crass politics.

By trying to further a false narrative based on doctored tapes while lying blatantly in name of an ailing chief minister, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has just lowered the bar of decency.

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