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10 outlandish and asinine things that Rahul Gandhi said in his interview to NDTV’s Ravish Kumar

Rahul Gandhi is a legend. Ravish Kumar is a legend too. Their meeting and discussing the things they discussed must have been destiny.

Ravish Kumar has interviewed Rahul Gandhi. The interview was so full of hot air and devoid of substance that it if it is filled inside a balloon, both Rahul and Ravish can fly around Delhi for a whole day.

The fact that Ravish Kumar has been suffering from a strange paranoia that has taken him to desperate levels in his hatred and fear against PM Modi is perhaps known to everyone. Rahul’s empty grandstanding and hollow statements are also common knowledge. However, when these two people unite, the result was so predictable that it was almost funny.

Ravish Kumar has been whining and literally exploding with frustration in his TV show complaining why does not the media ask tough questions to PM Modi. PM Modi has given over a dozen interviews in recent months and has answered each and every question that was thrown at him with a detailed explanation and a remarkable poise that is his forte.

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However, when Ravish got hold of Rahul Gandhi, all he could ask was does Rahul get emotional when Modi slams his father, grandmother and great-grandfather and has the Congress defended Nehru enough.

These are the 10 most outlandish and asinine things Rahul said in his interview o Ravish Kumar.

  • PM Modi ignored and dismissed RBI’s ‘intelligence and experience’ when he banned 500 and 1000 rupees notes.

The need and effect of demonetisation have been extensively discussed. Rahul Gandhi should have realised long back that had the people of India been upset over the November 2016 demonetisation, they would never have given BJP overwhelming election victories in the assembly elections in several states that had followed. If anything, demonetisation was a thumping example of the fact that if a nation believes in the leader it has chosen, it would stand by him through all difficulties. If by RBI, Rahul Gandhi means the opinion of Raghuram Rajan, well, that is a whole different story in itself.

  • All citizens of the country have told me that they are scared of RSS’ ideology and there is some ‘strange power’ that is controlling the nation.

Well, Lutyen’s media and ecosystem durbaris do not represent India’s people. This statement makes Rahul only sound like Arundhati Roy and her ilk, who often cite their imaginary friends to claim Muslims are scared in India.

  • We will protect everyone, if even RSS members say that they are being attacked, we will help them too.

It was a Congress government in Karnataka where dozens of RSS leaders were brutally killed. RSS members have been killed and attacked in Kerala, West Bengal too. Congress had never bothered.

  • I have always stated that Manmohan Singh will run the government with full freedom and I will never interfere.

The torn fragments of ordnance scattered inside the parliament beg to differ. The National Advisory Council (NAC) begs to differ. The fact that Manmohan Singh’s prime ministership was Sonia Gandhi’s rule is something, not even Congress’ loyal journalists ever debate over.

  • I want to destroy Rahul Gandhi. I want to destroy the self and make sure that only the pain of a farmer remains, or something like that.

Rahul said that he does not want Rahul Gandhi’s name to remain. He wants to make sure that the name of Rahu Gandhi does not stay when he is talking to a poor farmer but only the voice of the farmer remains. He also said that he wants to make sure that when he is speaking to Ravish Kumar only Ravish Kumar’s voice is heard and his feelings are expressed.

While he was speaking about ‘destroying the self’, Rahul Gandhi said, “Rahul Gandhi” at least 9 times. Rahul Gandhi also cut Ravish off mid-sentence and insisted that he wants only Ravish’ voice to be heard, twice. Rahul Gandhi kept on saying that he wants to hear and understand others, without letting Ravish speak.

Rahul Gandhi is the irony that only Rahul Gandhi can understand. We give up.

  • We used an economic model that was started in the 1990s. It worked very well in 2004 and 2009. It was stopped in 2012. But Modi has picked up the same model. I want to connect the past with the future

For a person who has spent 5 years criticising Modi’s economic policies and screamed that Modi is leading the country into a dangerous path, this argument is a massive self-goal. And as far as connecting the past with the future is constant, Rahul Gandhi has been connecting MRIs and inventing potato to gold converters for years. The work speaks of itself.

  • PM Modi sleeps for 3 hours only but I speak to people and understand their problems. He sleeps for 3 hours only but when I invite for debates on Rafale, corruption, economics, GST, demonetisation etc, he doesn’t listen

Ravish had asked about Rahul’s holidays. Rahul skipped the ‘holiday’ part and alleged that the PM, despite being awake all night, does not keep his requests for debates. Rahul made no mention of the ‘holidays’, Ravish, being the fearless and Krantikari journalist that he is, did not ask about Rahul’s holiday again. Over the allegation of the PM not honouring Rahul’s request for night-time debates, well, let us not go there, this is a family website.

  • In 2004, there was rampant terrorism in the country. We took strategic steps and broke the backbone of terrorism. We isolated Pakistan on a global stage.

Hyderabad blasts had happened in Kuala Lumpur. Mumbai’s train bombings happened only in Bollywood movies. Terrorist blasts in Jaipur, Delhi, Bengaluru, Delhi again, Ahmedabad, Imphal, Agartala and the 26/11 attacks that happened in 2008 alone had never even happened, as per Rahul Gandhi, because he was busy making ‘strategy’ with Manmohan Singh.

  • Election Commission is partial towards Narendra Modi, He is getting away with everything by pressurizing the EC and others are getting punished.

Right. Narendra Modi has pressurized the Election Commission into banning the BJP CM of Uttar Pradesh, the most politically crucial state and Sadhvi Pragya against campaigning over MCC violations because not getting himself banned but getting his star campaigners banned will benefit him. This logic needs the escape velocity of Jupiter to fly.

  • Urban India cannot function without public healthcare system and a public education system.

Wow, what a revelation. Why has no other politician ever thought of it before? Rahul Gandhi should be given a Nobel Prize for this phenomenal, futuristic, insightful idea immediately.

Rahul Gandhi is a legend. Ravish Kumar is a legend too. Their meeting and discussing the things they discussed must have been destiny. The ‘interview’ that sounded more like Ravish Kumar memorising the Congress manifesto and showing off before the Congress president how well he can regurgitate their manifesto must be a class study in Pidi training.

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