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VHP releases list of hate crimes against Hindus, says politicians and media conspiring to instigate riots against Hindus

"The whole world knows that Hindus are not inherently violent and will not resort to mob lynching. world History and recent events tell us very clearly that mob lynching and genocide of non-believers is the nature and religious duty of a certain religious order," said VHP.

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The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Monday has issued a statement accusing some journalists, politicians and jihadi elements belonging to ‘secular’ media of conspiring to instigate riots against Hindus in the country.

In a press statement, VHP international joint secretary Dr Surendra Jain has stated that the so-called mob lynching incidents have been exaggerated and highlighted in the past, which proved that the ‘Khan market gang’ and politicians of the so-called secular media, seemed busy in instigating the Muslim community for a violent attack on the Hindus.

Dr Jain also stated that it has been clear now that the alleged killing of Tabrez Ansari in Jharkhand did not happen because of public beating and despite this, Muslims made huge demonstrations in Surat, Ranchi, Bhopal and several other cities raising anti-Hindu and anti-national slogans while attacking security forces.

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He further accused of carrying out a politically motivated exercise to propagate lies against the Hindu community. Despite allegation proving to be false, there was no clarification forthcoming on it proving that there was malicious intent, said Jain.

The VHP also questioned if some of the vested interests are doing such propaganda to create a riotous situation in the country in the face of impending assembly elections. The way Jihadists immediately launching an attack on the Hindus, is very shameful, said VHP statement.

“The way 5-6 incidents, all half-truths, were falsely used as a propaganda material to fuel anti-Hindu and an anti-national atmosphere, seems to be a part of a larger anti-national conspiracy. VHP wants to know from these journalists and politicians how they and the so-called minorities would have reacted if the Mosques were the targets of attack instead of the temples?,” asked VHP in its press statement.

The VHP has also released a list of some incidents to unveil the conspiracy and prove that Hindus are the real victims of mob lynchings. Citing the barbaric incidents of the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus, killing of Arun Mahore, Dhruv Tyagi, Ankit Saxena, etc., the VHP said that these are some examples of the hundreds of victims of mob lynching.

Here is the list of incidents of Islamic Jihadi attacks on Hindus released by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

Earlier, OpIndia had published a similarly detailed account of incidents in which Muslims were perpetrators of terror on non-Muslim community especially Hindus. These detailed account further busts the “Dara Hua Musalman” narrative of the ‘liberal-secular’ media, which often indulges in overlooking crimes committed by Muslims against Hindus to sustain their political and ideological agenda.

The VHP also said that unfortunately, these incidents fail to arouse the compassion and questioned the hypocrisy of the journalists for transforming Dadri into a pilgrimage following the alleged killing of Akhlaq while maintaining a stoic silence on these mob lynching of Hindus.

“The whole world knows that Hindus are not inherently violent and will not resort to mob lynching. world History and recent events tell us very clearly that mob lynching and genocide of non-believers is the nature and religious duty of a certain religious order,” said VHP.

The VHP also asked all these journalists, so-called ‘intellectuals’ and politicians on why they were insulting the glorious traditions of tolerance of the Hindu society by turning a blind eye to the violent acts of jihadists just to fulfil their selfish motives.

Similarly, Bajrang Dal had also issued a statement stating that they will be holding nationwide protests against Jihadist attacks on Hindus on Tuesday. The Bajrang Dal, which is often the first line of defence against the Islamic onslaught on Hindus had also said that they will hold demonstrations against fake incidents of mob lynching of Muslims, attack of temples and other violence on Hindus by Islamic Jihadi organisations.

On July 8, Legal Rights Observatory, a legal activist group, has written to the leading news broadcasters who as members of The News Broadcasters Association (NBA), asking to exercise restraint while reporting incidents of lynching. In an email sent to news organisations, the legal group said that many cases of lynching have been proved fake and fabricated, hence they should very cautious while reporting such events.

Legal Rights Observatory had alleged that overzealous Indian media has provided fodder to international media in spreading lies about the persecution of Muslims in the name of “Jai Shri Ram”. LRO had cautioned the ‘liberal-secular’ media of such careless, irresponsible, communally inflammatory reporting by influential media outlets as it may add fuel to the fire.

LRO has requested the news broadcasters to refrain from provocative, malicious and fake journalism to help maintain peace and communal harmony in the country.

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OpIndia Staff
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