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‘Ab Hind Banega Pakistan’: Event attended by Pakistani senator calls for Jihad against India, uses children to spread anti-Hindu bigotry

Entire generations cannot be brainwashed into believing 'Ab Hind Banega Pakistan' without them being pushed over the edge when they realize it's obviously not happening. They will eventually turn against the regime or be manipulated into becoming terrorists.

The Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba (IJT), which claims to be the largest student network in Pakistan, organized the ‘Azadi-e-Kashmir Convention’ in Karachi on Saturday, the 12th of October. The theme of the event, as per its Facebook page, was “Ub Hind Banega Pakistan”. The organizers wanted to “build a pressure in India to show our Strength because we all are one.” Essentially, it was an event by Pakistan promoting Jihad against India.

While its Facebook page was evidence enough for the kind of morbid hatred against India that the event would cater to, the organizers appear to have outdone themselves with a promotional video that engaged school-going children in their grotesque charade.

In the video, there’s a kid who says, “Kitna mazaa aayega jab hum Delhi gate pe gaay ke kebab khaayengey (How amazing it will be when we will eat beef kebab at Delhi gate!)”. RSS features in the video as well, one kid says, “Sun lo RSS ke dehshatgardo, ab har Musalman ke shahadat ka badla lengey kyunki ab Hind banega Pakistan! (Listen, you RSS terrorists, we will now take revenge for the martyrdom of every Muslim because now India will become Pakistan!)”.

Disregarding the fact that such delusional words were being uttered by little kids who in all probability still wet their beds and aren’t brave enough go to the toilet alone at night, it is borderline child abuse to expose little kids to such hatred. The video indoctrinates children into a cult of hatred and the fact that this is considered acceptable in Pakistan shows the extent of anti-Hindu bigotry that is rampant in the country.

The video reminds one of another 16-year-old who made a speech recently at the UN summit. Her words could very well have been said by the kids in the video: ‘This is all wrong. I shouldn’t be up here. I should be back in school. Yet you all come to us young people for hope. How dare you!’

Quite disturbingly, the event was organized by a Pakistan students network. Even more disturbingly, a Pakistani senator, Siraj Ul Haq, made a speech at the event. It was attended by quite a large crowd as well. Siraj Ul Haq is the leader of the Jamaat-e-Islami in Pakistani, a far-right Islamist ‘political party’ in a theocratic Islamist state.

The President of Islami Jamiat-E-Talaba Karachi, Hafiz Umar Ahmed Khan, in his invitation to the students to attend the Kashmiri Convention, sounded like a petulant child whose favourite toy had been snatched away from him. He mouthed off all the familiar inanities, that Muslims are being oppressed all over India and that Muslims have ruled over the Indian subcontinent for a thousand years, something which definitely didn’t happen.

Hafiz Umar claimed that a debt was owed to India for all the ‘atrocities’ that the Indian regime has committed against Muslims. The debt must be repaid, he says, but forgets that he is not a Lannister. He invited his peers to join the convention while a song played in the background that had the lyrics, “Jasbaa na Jihad ka ho dil me toh khaak mazaa phir jeene me? (Unless you have the fire of jihad burning in your heart, is your life even worth living?)”

As it turns out, the song from Pakistan that calls for waging Jihad against India is the theme song for the Kashmir Convention. The song begins with a voice that says, “Kashmir toh hai hi hamara, Ab Hind banega Pakistan.” ‘Naara-e-Takbeer’ features in the lyrics as well. It’s hard to argue against Islamic fundamentalists who claim music is Haram when these are the songs that Pakistanis end up making.

The funniest image that came out of the convention shows the map of Akhand Bharat but with the colours of the Pakistani flag on it. For a country that has lost every war it has fought against India and was split into two by India in 1971, Pakistanis do appear to harbour great fantasies.

At its most fundamental level, the Kashmir Convention at Karachi was an exercise in mass delusion. None of the organizers really believe ‘Hind’ will ever become ‘Pakistan’ but it’s important for them to convince the Pakistani population that they do really believe it and are working towards it because the morbid hatred against India and delusions of ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’ is the only thing that’s keeping the country together. The call for Jihad by Pakistan against India was a marker of their frustration.

Pakistan is going through a very difficult phase right now and it must be really difficult to be a Pakistani. Shunned by the Ummah, forced to sell themselves to a country that has imprisoned over a million Muslims in concentration camps, complete lack of support at the international arena while India has started pulling its weight, dwindling economy, the Kashmir they fantasized about for so long is gone and no one takes Pakistanis seriously on the matter and India has been allowed to walk without suffering any adverse consequences at all.

To add to that, resentment is slowly building against the Pakistan regime. It is likely that Pakistan will be put on the FATF Blacklist. Balochistan is on the boil, as usual. India is constantly threatening them with war and there’s a serious chance that they might end up losing the part of Jammu & Kashmir they currently hold. If current trends hold, there’s a serious threat of Pakistan descending into anarchy.

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Therefore, how does a failing regime like Pakistan keep it all together? By drumming up hatred against India and raising the call for Jihad for Kashmir. Anti-India hatred and Jihad is the opium of the Pakistani masses and it is what the rulers use to keep them distracted from the failures of the regime. But there are long term costs that have to be paid for feeding the population such delusions.

Entire generations cannot be brainwashed into believing ‘Ab Hind Banega Pakistan’ without them being pushed over the edge when they realize it’s obviously not happening. They will eventually turn against the regime or be manipulated into becoming terrorists by Pakistan to wage Jihad against India. Eternal conflict is the price that must be paid for brainwashing little children with such hateful propaganda.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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