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When anti-CAA protesters claim architects of Moplah massacre as ‘freedom fighters’, it’s clear that they want “Hinduon Se Azadi”

It's been evident from the very beginning of the anti-CAA protests that what they really want is 'Hinduon se Azadi'. By whitewashing these antics, it appears that the secular-liberal establishment wants the same.

Ladeeda Sakhaloon, the face of the Jamia protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act, was revealed to be a rabid Islamic fundamentalist who gave a call for Jihad before violence erupted across the national capital. Not merely that, in the past, she has also glorified the architects of the Moplah Massacre who committed genocide of Hindus in Kerala in 1921.

Now, when ‘Secularists’ have been forced to confront the truth, they have decided that the best course of action is to present Ali Musliyar and Variyankunnathu as ‘freedom fighters’ instead of the genocidal maniacs that they were. Hundreds and thousands of Hindus were slaughtered in the Moplah Massacre and a number many times more were forced to flee Kerala in the wake of the genocide. It is these individuals that ‘Secularists’ have decided to portray as ‘freedom fighters’.

It is not merely Aditya Menon who attempted to whitewash the extremist post made by Ladeeda Sakhaloon. Shehla Rashid appears to have deliberately ignored the reference to the genocidal maniacs in the Facebook post. She instead attempted to focus on the least controversial words in it.

Even apart from these individuals, Dhanya Rajendran of The News Minute provided an opportunity to the Islamic fundamentalists to clear their names and did not attempt to ask a single tough question. She willingly absorbed everything that they fed her. During this entire charade, we have repeatedly witnessed the manner in which the ‘Secular’ media gave a free pass to these extremely individuals due to their biases. But there’s only a limit for all of this.

The anti-CAA protests were not peaceful at any moment in time. They were violent from the very beginning. And yet, the secular-liberal establishment went out of their way to whitewash the violence that we witnessed in these protests. Not a whimper was uttered by these individuals when West Bengal was set on fire by violent Muslim mobs. Not a whimper was made when Jamia protesters were airing extremely problematic opinions. But when the Police took action to control the mob violence, every single one of them came to their defense.

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It’s disgraceful conduct. But the crimes of the mob cannot be whitewashed and neither can be the extremist opinions of the face of the Jamia protests. Citizens will not forget the manner in which large sections of the country was held hostage by a bloodthirsty mob that set buses and trains on fire and caused immense damage to public property. The nation will not forget those who attempted to whitewash these violent protests either.

The most distressing slogan that was raised in the Jamia protests was ‘Hinduon se Azadi‘. No matter how much time is invested in whitewashing this slogan, it cannot be done. And the nature of the protests was revealed perfectly in this slogan itself. The spirit of the Jamia protests that began with the face of the movement calling for Jihad and transformed into a violent rage mob is perfectly captured perfectly by this one slogan.

When calls for Jihad are made, genocidal maniacs are glorified, slogans such as ‘Hinduon se Azadi’ are raised, we cannot interpret the motivation behind the protests to be anything other than what they say it is. The Secular-Liberal establishment can continue to pretend otherwise but the country will not be fooled. They can continue to pretend that genocidal maniacs were, in fact, freedom fighters but their petulant claims cannot be taken seriously. It’s been evident from the very beginning of the anti-CAA protests that what they really want is ‘Hinduon se Azadi’. By whitewashing these antics, it appears that the secular-liberal establishment wants the same.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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