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Career propagandist Arundhati Roy continues lying and demonising India, claims ‘Modi govt using Coronavirus for Muslim genocide’: Here are the facts

In an interview to DW News, self-proclaimed 'intellectual' Arundhati Roy not only made misleading assertions on India's response to the Chinese epidemic crisis but also indulged in blatant fear-mongering by spewing false propaganda

On Saturday, Arundhati Roy, the ultra-left wing ‘intellectual’ and a notorious anti-India propagandist, finally found out a medium to foul-mouth the country amidst the ongoing coronavirus crisis. With almost every credible Indian media outlets ignoring far-left cult propagandist Roy, she was finally featured in a German network to peddle her usual false propaganda.

In an interview to DW News, self-proclaimed ‘intellectual’ Arundhati Roy not only made misleading assertions on India’s response to the Chinese epidemic crisis but also indulged in blatant fear-mongering by spewing false propaganda to discredit Modi government’s response to limit the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

With no facts to back up, Roy began with discrediting India’s coronavirus cases. Roy claimed that coronavirus is not even a crisis in India, as she does not trust the official numbers released by the Modi government. Roy then began her usual antics of dragging manufactured crisis of ‘Hindu-Muslim’ tensions by asserting that the coronavirus crisis has exposed India that all of us knew.

Hatred against Muslims:

“We are suffering, not just from COVID, but from a crisis of hatred, from a crisis of hunger,” Roy claimed in the interview.

Continuing her usual rhetorics, Roy claimed that coronavirus has resulted in increasing hatred against Muslims in the country. She continued saying the so-called ‘anti-Muslim hatred’ comes on the ‘backdrop of a massacre in Delhi’, which she falsely claimed as the result of people protesting against the ‘anti-Muslim citizenship law’.

However, unsurprisingly, Roy’s claims are nothing but an out-and-out lie. The false narrative of Muslims being persecuted across the country during the coronavirus is just a plain falsehood. The objective assessment of the rising coronavirus cases in the country will reveal for itself that a particular section of Muslims in the country has been at the forefront of spreading the virus in the country. If someone follows Roy’s line of assertion, the contempt by those Muslims, the members of Tablighi Jamaat and their followers, against non-Muslims has only increased after coronavirus emerged in the country.

The rising resentment against non-Muslim communities by the Muslim community is evident with the fact that it is Muslim communities who have been unleashing violence against the ‘Kafirs’ in the country currently. The Muslim mobs have unleashed massive violence against front-line healthcare workers at a time when they are risking lives to limit the spread of Chinese pandemic coronavirus. It is rather delusional of Arundhati Roy to make such assertions without even caring to check facts.

Further, the Islamic event of Tablighi Jamaat is the epicentre of the coronavirus spread in India. The Tablighi Jamaat members not only transmitted the infection across the country but also emerged as a major headache for health officials after several cases of bad behaviour has been reported in these facilities. They were also kept hiding in mosques and various other places instead of coming forward to get tested.

Roy’s hallucinations on Delhi riots, which she claims of being a ‘massacre against Muslims’, is also just another attempt of dog-whistling. The anti-Hindu Delhi riots, that took place in the national capital in the last week of February were a direct result of Muslim mobs unleashing violence on the streets. It was evident from the fact that Muslim mobs descended on the streets and captured areas like Shaheen Bagh and Jaffarabad, acting as a spark for violence on the streets of the national capital.

Students, activists being jailed

Roy, a motherly figure for anti-national elements in the country, also claimed that the Modi government, under the cover of coronavirus, is moving to arrest young students, to fight cases against lawyers, against senior editors, against activists and intellectuals.

Arundhati Roy, perhaps thinks that calling thugs and rioters as ‘students’ and ‘activists’ will absolve their crimes of creating anarchy on the streets of the country. The ‘students’ as claimed by Roy, are no students at all. These are the same individuals who had unleashed Muslim mobs within the university campus and streets during the anti-CAA protests in Delhi, resulting in extreme violence in the national capital.

The ‘activists’ and ‘journalists’, whom Roy is defending are nothing but another bunch notorious fake news peddlers. These so-called activists have been forefront at peddling misinformation and inciting mobs against the government to further their ideological objectives.

Tactic reminiscent of Nazis

The ‘activist’ even claimed that the government was exploiting the virus in a tactic reminiscent of one used by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

Arundhati Roy said, “The whole of the organization, the RSS to which Modi belongs, which is the mother ship of the BJP, has long said that India should be a Hindu nation. Its ideologues have likened the Muslims of India to the Jews of Germany. And if you look at the way in which they are using COVID, it was very much like typhus was used against the Jews to get ghettoize them, to stigmatize them.”

If there is any consistency among the ultra-left anti-India brigade that works within the country, it is perhaps their hate for Hindus and the RSS. The constant vilification of the Hindus, especially RSS is not refreshing anymore. From referring RSS to Nazis to abusing them as militants, the left has always been fearful of the nationalist organisation.

In the interview, Roy tried the same trick to blame RSS for a few wrong things that continue to present in the country. The ‘Nazi’ card of Roy to slander RSS was played once again in the interview. Her claims of the government using the coronavirus crisis to exploit the situation to target the Muslims is just laughable as even the hardcore supporters of the Modi government are now critical of the lethargic approach of the government to act on Muslim leaders and the community, which has been forefront at creating troubles for the country, be it the Muslim mobs during the anti-Hindu riots or even on the non-action against the likes of Maulana Saad, the mastermind of the Tablighi Jamaat, which has emerged as the epicentre of the coronavirus spread in the country.

Situation is approaching genocidal

Since this government has come, Muslims are being lynched, Muslims have been hunted down.. It comes with a threat of extreme violence,” claimed Roy. “Honestly, the situation is approaching genocidal,” Roy claimed.

The irresponsible throwing of words such as ‘genocide’ to exaggerate the false claims of Muslims being targeted in the country raises questions about the state of Roy’s mental health.

Muslim detention centers

Roy also went on to make false assumptions that the Modi government has been building detention centres for Muslims. The government would “dovetail with this illness to create something which the world should really keep its eyes on.”

The most bizarre lies that ultra-left elements like Arundhati Roy peddle is that Modi government is building detention centres for Muslims in India. Ever since the Citizenship Act was passed in the country, the left has been enthusiastic to find out ‘detention centres’ that are being allegedly built to keep Muslims in the country. However, until today, none of them has found any.

However, Roy, who is in a hangover, seems to have been dreaming about detention centres. Only Roy, a fiction writer, has the audacity to invent a relevance to somehow link coronavirus crisis to the so-called detention centres for Muslims.

Arundhati Roy hallucinations against India does not need any response whatsoever. Roy will turn out to be another laughing stock, just like her comrades, if she ever thinks that her false propaganda and anti-India actions will influence citizens of the country anymore.

It may be noted that regular fake news peddler Arundhati Roy had donated to so-called fact-checker Alt News, which is nothing but another leftist Islamist propaganda site. According to a report, Arundhati Roy’s trust named Zindabad Trust had donated an unspecified amount to Alt News.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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