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Delhi Riots: WhatsApp chats acquired by OpIndia show how some anti-CAA protestors were aware that violence was planned, discussed ‘de-escalation’

The WhatsApp chats show that the group is concerned over the scale of violence, which was not exactly as per their plans. They are speaking of de-escalation and acknowledging that 'rioters' were deliberately transported in buses to spread violence in specific areas.

With various evidence emerging, it has been well established that the violence and carnage that happened during US President Donald Trump’s visit to India was not spontaneous, but pre-planned and timed. OpIndia, in its extensive report on the anti-Hindu Delhi riots had explained how the communal violence in the national capital was the manifestation of deep-seated bigotry that had been weaponised under the garb of anti-CAA protests. 

Now, OpIndia has accessed screenshots of Whatsapp chats between those who controlled the Delhi riots which further explain how the communal riots were not the handiwork of locals but it was a result of deeper conspiracy and planning.

In one of the two WhatsApp chats which allegedly took place between the conspirators on February 24, the day the streets of the national capital was marred by violence, one man named Ather Yusufzai raised concerns saying that he felt that the idea of rioting was not a good one. In the Whatsapp conversation, Ather Yusufzai appeared distressed as he said that the Delhi police had been acting strictly against the rioters and he opined that as a consequence of which their side could face a lot of damage. These people were seen as mulling de-escalation.

Whatsapp chat accessed exclusively by OpIndia

The person named Yusafzai appears scared in this text. He says there is very bad rioting going on in Noor-e-Ilahi area. Rioters are being brought in buses from Loni and other areas. He further asks, “Is this idea (of violence) is good? I don’t think so.”

Yusafzai’s further message says “Today police and pro (CAA) groups are acting very brutally. We will incur more damage.”

Following Ather Yusufzai’s message, another man named Anas Tanvir also tries to convince the others in the group, how carrying out the riots is not a prudent idea. Anas Tanveer also expresses anxiety on the plans of the rioters to attack the police headquarters, saying that the proposition might be risky as the police in Delhi were on red alert. One Chirag Patnaik also agrees to Anas.

Whatsapp chat accessed exclusively by OpIndia

It is pertinent to note that in this conversation which transpired on February 24, these handfuls of people speak of de-escalation and spilling the names of those who had planned the riots. What does this imply? It becomes evident that before the violence was unleashed in the national capital, it was in these group itself that the planning of the riots had taken place, that is why these members on February 24 spoke on how the riots took an extremely brutal turn, more than that was expected and also spoke of disowning those organisations and individuals who instigated the ghastly attack.

Earlier too, WhatsApp chats of these groups had exposed the role of conspirators in the anti-Hindu Delhi riots. One Ovais Sultan had in his Facebook post on February 23, objected to the transgressions by the Pinjra Tod activists. He wrote that it was because of these Pinjra Tod women activists that the locals of Saleempur and trans-Yamuna were in trouble. He spoke how these women activists spread panic, incited violence and blocked Jafrabad main road.

Ovais Sultan;s Facebook post

He wrote that these activists incited people by sloganeering “Kafan bandh ke aaye hain, jo humare saath nahi woh desh ka gaddar hain” (we have come prepared to die, those who do not support us are traitors). Ovais Sultan said that he did not approve of the Pinjra Tod activists because they were the ones who attacked the police, but none got arrested, all of them fled, and the locals instead got arrested and were facing the trials.

It is pertinent to note here, that at the time when this Ovais Sultan took to social media to express his disapproval, the planning for the next day was already completed and arson, murder and bloodshed which were to be organized in these areas the next day were already planned in a systematic manner.

Though in the above post, Ovais Sultan appeared to be against the riots, his other chats had made it clear that he too, was very much a part of the concerted plans and he too was constantly trying to convince the conspirators.

As regards to this Anas Tanvir, our source confirmed that he is a lawyer who has been actively providing legal help to anti-CAA protestors in the national capital in February this year. On February 24 when the consequence of the Delhi-riots dawned upon him and he felt that things may possibly go out of control, he took to Whatsapp to present himself as the judicious one.

The conversation shows that the concerned individuals were well aware of the elements that have been involved in orchestrating the violence. Their responses show that they had just not anticipated the swiftness and scale of police action. They are also aware that rioters are being ferried in buses etc. They are discussing de-escalation only for the fear of consequences.

The plan to block Delhi Police headquarters is also being discussed in this group. Anas Tanveer’s texts show that he (and others in the group) are aware which specific people had worked to spread violence and he is urging other group members to be ready to identify them. Why did they want to block police headquarters when riots are spreading in the capital is another question that arises in this conversation.

Eyewitness testifies that the violence was planned in the meetings held before the riots

Over these months, evidence has emerged which proves beyond doubts that the anti-Hindu Delhi violence was well orchestrated and was not a spontaneous action. Today a testimony accessed by Times Now confirmed that an eyewitness has said before the magistrate that the violence was planned in the meetings held before the riots took place in the national capital. The eyewitness confessed that “Sadko par utrenge”, “Khoon bahayenge” calls were made and the Muslim mob was brainwashed into taking to the streets.

The eyewitness confirmed that it was discussed in the meetings that even if they were required to shed blood to coerce the government into taking back the law (speaking about revoking the Citizenship Amendment Act), they should not hesitate.

OpIndia’s extensively documents events that led to the anti-Hindu Delhi riots

OpIndia in its extensive report on the anti-Hindu Delhi riots had shed light on how the communal violence in the national capital was the manifestation of a planned, well-financed and organised conspiracy timed to coincide with Donald Trump’s India visit so it could grab maximum media coverage.

Our report documented the anti-CAA protests and other significant developments related to the matter from the month of December when violence first broke out not only in Delhi but across the country. We reported the manner in which politicians, non-governmental organisations and ‘civil society’ joined hands with the extremist elements within the Muslim community to wreak havoc across the country.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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