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‘Sab yaad rakha jayega’ has actually come true for Hindus, if Kejriwal’s antics are anything to go by

Sab yaad rakha gaya hai, sir ji.

At the peak of anti-CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) protests the Islamists, along with ‘La Ilaha Illalah’ (There is only one god and that is Allah), regularly chanted ‘Sab yaad rakha jayega’ (We will remember everything). They portrayed it as if the Indian state is carrying out atrocities against Muslims in India by fast-tracking Indian citizenship of persecuted non-Muslims from three neighbouring countries which have Islam as state religion.

The CAA by farthest stretch of imagination does not affect Indian Muslims in any way. However, Islamists in India, backed by political vultures, made it all about ‘Muslims in India are second-class citizens’. If you would try to talk sense into them or justify action taken against those spreading misinformation, giving call to violence or rioting in national capital one random Islamist on Twitter would immediately whine, ‘Sab yaad rakha jayega’.

It is as if the cops cracking down on rioters offends these idiots so much that they want to remember it only to avenge it in future, perhaps with a bigger riot.

Aysha Renna’s ‘Sab Yaad Rakha Jayega’ moment

Safoora Zargar, Jamia Millia Islamia student, along with Delhi’s ruling party leader Tahir Hussain and others, is one of the prime accused in riots that took place in Delhi in February 2020. Safoora Zargar is accused of instigated a Muslim mob near Chand Bagh area that attacked Delhi police personnel leading to the death of police constable Ratan Lal. Pregnancy does not automatically prove one’s innocence. But ‘Sab yaad rakha jayega’ threat was used for law taking its course.

Apparently, ‘Sab yaad rakha jayega’ is a ‘poem’ by one Aamir Aziz who penned it during the anti-CAA protests to portray that the Muslim in India will not forget that Indian government wants to fast-track citizenship to persecuted religious minorities in neighbouring Islamic countries. Since most of these non-Muslims in these countries are Dalits, it just shows how much hatred these Islamists have for Dalits that they want to deprive them of a place they could call home.

Except, over time, people seem to have realised this, especially Hindus that the entire anti-CAA protests were more of anti-Hindu protests. And if Kejriwal’s recent antics are anything to go by, one can safely say that the Hindus are the ones who have not forgotten.

Kejriwal’s move towards soft Hindutva

If there is one politician who realised it faster than anyone that supporting anti-CAA protests and rioters will only anger the Hindus, it was Arvind Kejriwal. Hence, he never really publicly endorsed the nuisance creators at Shaheen Bagh who blocked a road in name of dissent.

While Kejriwal maintained an uncomfortable silence on anti-CAA protests and nuisance at Shaheen Bagh, the Hindus must remember that it was Tahir Hussain, an AAP leader, who allegedly led a mob to kill IB official Ankit Sharma. That he played a major role in the February 2020 Delhi riots conspiracy. That when he was being investigated, another AAP leader Amanatullah Khan claimed that Tahir Hussain was being targetted for being a Muslim.

Amanatullah Khan’s tweet defending Tahir Hussain

Because, clearly, pregnant people and Muslims must get a free pass in India to commit crime and get away it. State action against such perpetrators is ‘atrocities’.

And Islamists really lost it when Kejriwal recited Hanuman Chalisa on national tv ahead of Delhi elections when Shaheen Bagh nuisance was at the peak.

While the Islamists kept threatening Kejriwal with the ‘Sab yaad rakha jayega’, it seems it is the Hindus who have remembered Kejriwal’s misquoting the Bhagwad Gita while trying to win back his Hindu credentials. And who can forget the image Kejriwal shared ahead of 2019 general elections of man beating up the Swastika with a broom.

A day prior to Holi in 2019, Kejriwal insulted the symbol that is considered holy in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, thereby offending religious sentiments of people. Which is not really new for Kejriwal. In 2016, during the run-up to the Punjab assembly elections, AAP’s youth manifesto had an image of AAP election symbol, the broom, on the holy pool at The Golden Temple.

AAP Youth Manifesto during 2017 Punjab Elections.

Kejriwal’s close aide and the then Delhi Dialogue Commission head Ashish Khetan had gone on to claim that the manifesto was as holy to them as the Guru Granth Sahib, thereby trivialising the holy scriptures.

There are more things Hindus should remember about Kejriwal.

In a bid to settle scores with the rival BJP, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in August compared the sacred mountains of India to a garbage dump.

Aam Aadmi Party tweet

The official Twitter handle of AAP had shared pictures of Kanchenjunga in Sikkim, Kamet Peak, and Nanda Devi hills in Uttarakhand and drew analogies with a humongous landfill at Ghazipur in Delhi. The contentious tweet was accompanied by the caption, “Highest Mountains of India.”

While Aam Aadmi Party official account as well as supporters regularly act as anti-Hindu trolls, Kejriwal puts up paid advertisements on national television of himself, his wife, his deputy Manish Sisodia and his wife awkwardly conducting the Lakshmi Pujan on Diwali.

AAP’s paid ‘puja’ on television (image courtesy @rajudasonline on Twitter)

As one can see, Kejriwal had paid these media channels to telecast his public ‘Lakshmi Pujan’ on national tv. And while Kejriwal has to pay others to remind the Hindus of his own Hindu credentials, the Hindus have not forgotten.

Sab yaad rakha gaya hai, sir ji.

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Nirwa Mehta
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