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The Wire tries to force fit a ‘hate crime’ angle in Ghaziabad incident only because victim is a Muslim

The Wire lowers its bar, goes from whitewashing Islamist terrorists to defending random 'taveez maker' from rural Uttar Pradesh

Propaganda outlet The Wire seems to be tying itself in knots after an FIR was registered against it for spreading fake news to fan communal hatred in the Ghaziabad fake ‘hate crime’ case. In an article titled “Muslim Victim’s Family Challenges ‘No Communal Angle’ Claim by UP Police” published on June 16, 2021, The Wire tries to bring out the victim’s side of the story in a bid to give itself a clean chit for not doing due diligence before crying itself hoarse over ‘hate crime’.

On June 14, a video was shared by ‘fact-checking’ website Alt News cofounder Mohammed Zubair claiming that an elderly Muslim man was thrashed and forced to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’. Soon, it was picked up by various influential people and media outlets who like to further the ‘Dara Hua Musalman’ narrative. However, Ghaziabad Police’s investigation has destroyed the conveniently crafted narrative.

Turns out, the elderly Muslim man Abdul Samad Saifi was an occult practitioner and used to make ‘tabeez’ (amulets) and some of his customers got unhappy after the ‘tabeez’ misfired. The said customers, then beat him. This was an internal freud propagated as ‘hate crime’. However, despite matters coming to fore, The Wire, has continued to hold on to its narrative even though it is on a flimsy ground.

Read how The Wire is trying to force fit the ‘hate crime’ angle in the petty crime case just because the victim is from Muslim community.

The Wire takes random letter as ‘proof’

The Wire has shared an image of a ‘complaint’ which Abdul Samad Saifi, the occultist, allegedly submitted to police but was not included in the FIR. It claims that the complaint was ‘written’ by Abdul Samad Saifi on 6th June, 2021, a day after he was assaulted. In it, apparently, Saifi had claimed he was forced to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’.

The Wire is using this to counter with UP Police FIR which stated that in the original FIR on assault filed, Abdul had not mentioned anything about ‘Jai Shri Ram’.

The Wire report

So, the ‘police complaint’ which is not acknowledged, does not have any stamp of police station, has been taken as gospel truth by The Wire. Audacity is that The Wire even admits that there is no official acknowledgement. The date written on top right corner is taken as ‘proof’ by The Wire.

Taveez pe taveez!

Moving on, The Wire then tries to dismiss claims that Abdul practiced occult and was involved in making and selling ‘tabeez’. The Police had said that the fight took place because Abdul’s customer of his occult-amulet was upset because it misfired. This is how The Wire has tried to dismiss claims:

The Wire on Taveez

The Wire cites Abdul’s son Babbu who claimed that his father did not know the attackers. He claimed that his family trade is ‘carpentry’ and that the police’s claims of taveez were untrue.

However, here is Abdul admitting he knew the attackers.

In fact, not only that, he is admitting to have made a ‘taveez’ for one of the attackers at least. Here is the occult material retrieved from Abdul.

But Babbu’s word that no one in family makes ‘taveez’ is truer for The Wire than actual evidence.

Turning accused into ‘rescuer’

Next, The Wire claims that one of the accused, Aadil, is wrongly named and he actually went to ‘rescue’ Abdul.

The Wire on Aadil

The Wire tried to insinuate that UP Police arrested one Muslim accused in the thrashing of elderly Muslim man to rule out communal angle. It cites Aadil’s brother Fazal Khan who claimed that Aadil had gone to ‘rescue’ Abdul and was falsely implicated.

However, one of the accused, Saddam, who had introduced another client for occult to Abdul has stated that Aadil was called upon by another accused Parvesh.

Parvesh Gujjar had hired occultist Abdul’s services and when it misfired, he confronted Abdul. Once there, he had called up Aadil who arrived on spot with other men who were involved in the subsequent fight.

The entire premise of The Wire report to refute the UP Police investigation is hearsay which does not hold water in light of evidence that shows otherwise.

The Wire cites complaint

The Wire then cites the unacknowledged so-called police complaint where in Abdul claimed he was abducted on his way to mosque on gunpoint. However, Saddam’s testimony reveals that Abdul was taken to meet Parvesh and it was Saddam’s brother in law Intezar who introduced Saddam to Parvesh.

This just shows that his religious identity had absolutely nothing to do with him beaten up. Him being involved in occult practices, however, should alarm The Wire, but it even refuses to acknowledge it.

The Wire turns into shrink:

The Wire and Abdul’s wife

The Wire, to show the human-interest angle in occultist Abdul’s case, brought in his elderly wife. Describing her as sitting on a bed and crying, his elderly wife claimed that the incident where her husband was beaten up for making misfiring taveez has had ‘deep psychological impact’ on him and his family.

Even by The Wire standards, this is a poor attempt at whitewashing an occultist. Perhaps, like The Quint, they should aim a little higher and whitewash Islamist terrorists instead.

Note: Later reports suggests the main accused’s name is Parvez Gujjar and not Parvesh Gujjar.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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