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Big Liberals, small hearts: By donating 80 vials of vaccine, America has proved to be the poorest country in the world

Once upon a time, America freed the whole of Western Europe from Nazism. Some decades later, America freed the whole of Eastern Europe from Communism. Today, America has donated 80 vials of vaccine. Oh America, what a fall!

Do you remember when Western media and their native sepoys flew drones over cremation grounds in India? The images of funeral pyres were then lapped up by Western liberal newspapers, flashed on their front pages for the world to see. On the internet, the pictures were selling for Rs 23,000 per piece. For that kind of money, you could easily feed a poor family for a month. But feeding the addiction for third world misery was more important.

What was their excuse? Western liberals insist they are not enjoying our misery for free. They always leave behind generous tips for the less fortunate. The media coverage creates awareness. And after Western liberals have had their fill, they make (tax deductible) contributions to charity. After subtracting overhead, the “non-profits” donate the rest. There might be some “non-profit” intermediaries in the third world as well.

Anyway, where there are rich people, there are generally leftovers. This arrangement is insulting enough, but what do you make of this?

That’s the Embassy of the United States, boasting about donating 80 vials of vaccines to Trinidad and Tobago, a country of nearly 14 lakh people. Yes, 80 vials of vaccine. And they put it on Twitter so that the world would know.

Once upon a time, America freed the whole of Western Europe from Nazism. Some decades later, America freed the whole of Eastern Europe from Communism. Today, America has donated 80 vials of vaccine. Oh America, what a fall!

Read the language in that tweet carefully. It ends by saying, “We believe that every vaccine counts.” Yes, they not only made it a point to mention the tiny figure of 80 vials, but they also rubbed in how valuable this gift would be for a poor country like Trinidad & Tobago. Every vaccine counts. Yeah, the people of the poor country better cherish this gift.

This is the great humanitarian Big Liberal administration of President Biden. Remember that our Indian media paraded our dead bodies and burning funeral pyres in front of liberals like these.

You want to see some real show of class? You can find it in the official response from the Government of Trinidad & Tobago, which read thus:

Trinidad and Tobago received a gift of Pfizer vaccines from the United States on Saturday. .. We have been very fortunate to have received gifts of vaccines from different countries such as St Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, Barbados, Bermuda, the Republic of India, the People’s Republic of China and now the United States.”

Notice that the Trinidad & Tobago government did not wish to embarrass the United States by mentioning the ridiculously small number of 80 vials. A gift is a gift, no matter how much it is worth.

However, the Big Liberals who run the US Government weren’t looking to save face. They were looking to rub the third world status of Trinidad & Tobago in the faces of their people. It was the US Government that tweeted mentioning the 80 vials and reminding that “every vaccine counts.”

Notice how the statement from the Government of Trinidad & Tobago mentions India. Yes, we donated too, not some measly 80 vials like the richest country on earth did. India donated 40,000 doses. But then, India is run by the dreaded Hindu nationalists. Our backward pagan minds cannot grasp the nuances of Abrahamic notions of charity, I guess.

The idea of charity is a complicated one. Sometime last year, the WHO created a Covax fund from which poor countries could draw money and vaccines for their people. Canada donated to this fund, and then a few months later, took half of it back. So if America’s liberal president made it a point to rudely toss a rupee coin at the face of a homeless person, Canada’s liberal Prime Minister put money in the bowl and grabbed half of it back. Incidentally, the other rich country to draw from the Covax pool was New Zealand, another model of Indian liberalism.

After Canada and New Zealand raided the pool, it seems the Covax fund came up with strict new eligibility requirements on which countries can draw from it. Because, apparently, the honor system does not work with Big Liberals.

Speaking of Indian liberals, the other day they were busy making fun of India for accepting a small gift from Kenya, delivered through the Red Cross. I should mention it was 12 tonnes of food, which is a lot more than the richest country in the world with its 80 vials of vaccine. But Indian liberals who take after their American and Canadian bosses did not see it that way. India has taken food from an African country! They said it was Modi’s great shame.

Kenya is in Africa and Africans are supposed to be poor. And if you are poor, everyone knows that you cannot have a big heart. And if a friend who happens to be poor gives you a gift, you have fundamentally two options. Either you toss the gift into the trash and humiliate your friend for being poor. Or you accept the gift and live with the shame. That is Big Liberalism today.

When Sudama arrived with a gift of a few handfuls of rice for Shri Krishna, the king of Dwarka welcomed him by washing his feet with milk. It’s the Indian way. It’s the way our pagan minds work. I guess this is why India’s Hindu nationalists are so misunderstood in the world today. Our paradigm is just different.

By the way, dear Trinidad and Tobago, let me tell you about a small Indian tradition that may be of use to you. In India, when a neighbour sends over food, it is a tradition never to send back an empty bowl. So when you get those 80 vials, fill that box up with some gifts and send it back. Be generous, because you should know that you are donating to the poorest country in the world.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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