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As India donates free vaccines, Canadian govt snatches vaccines from international fund for poor countries

This is our country, our people and our legitimately elected government. Let’s engage with each other, with love and respect, without involving foreigners. Because nobody will care about you except your own.

In your school, your office or housing society, you must have come across donation drives to help people when a big calamity happens. Such as a flood or an earthquake. People want to help others in need. It’s a fundamental human emotion. Now imagine if you found somebody dipping his hand into the donation box and taking stuff. How would you feel towards them?

No, not somebody who is poor. Imagine if the one taking from the donation box is the richest guy in your housing society, or the big boss at the office. Would you be filled with disgust? You should.

But if you are a liberal, your morality probably works in a completely different manner.

Canadian govt defending taking vaccines from poor countries

What happened? Well, the World Health Organization had established an international fund called Covax. As the Canadian government mouthpiece CBC admits:

COVAX is a global vaccine-sharing initiative jointly co-ordinated by the World Health Organization, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, and Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance.

Sharing. You know, the essence of every big moral lecture from every liberal ever. It makes sense too, at least in this case. The pandemic affected all of humanity. It started somewhere in China (this claim will soon be marked as “disputed” by Big Tech and ‘independent’ fact checkers) and spread rapidly across the whole world. The pandemic broke every barrier of race, country and class. It reminded us that we humans are all in this together.

So now that we have a vaccine, we should share, right? Not everybody lives in a country that manufactures vaccines or is rich enough to buy them. That’s why the WHO came up with this:

The program pools funds from wealthier countries that are used not only to buy vaccines for those countries but also to ensure low- and middle-income countries have access. … Once vaccines are approved by WHO, AMC funds will then pay for the purchase of vaccines for lower-income countries. So, the participation of wealthier countries is part of the program’s design.

It’s exactly like a donation drive at your housing society. They placed the donation box in the middle, where everyone could see it. In principle, anybody could take from the donation box, rich or poor. They were counting on the honor system and human decency: The rich were supposed to give and the poor were supposed to take.

Bad mistake! Liberals have no sense of honor, nor shame, nor decency. And so the Canadian government comes right in, puts its hand into the donation box and takes. And thus, Canada becomes the only wealthy G-7 country to take from this pool.

Now, if you ask the Canadian government, they did nothing wrong. They say they contributed $440 million to the fund in September last year. Now they are withdrawing half of that money to buy vaccines for themselves (for now).

Imagine giving a hungry person a chapati. Then grabbing his hand and tearing off half of that chapati before he can eat it. And then eating it as the hungry person watches. Do you know what that is? You could call it sadism. But how about we just call it liberalism?

These are the great liberal values that Indian elites want us to learn from the Canadian government. Apparently, Justin Trudeau cannot sleep because our police used water cannon on protesters around Delhi.

What else keeps Trudeau up at night? The idea that hundreds of millions of poor people around the world, would get vaccinated. He just had to grab some of the money meant for them. Note that most of the beneficiaries of this program would have been people of colour. The wokeness and liberalism is just off the charts on this one.

If you are an ordinary bhakt like me, you are not surprised. We told you so. The per capita GDP of Canada is $40,000. But at the WTO, Canada has been opposing a transfer of a measly sum of Rs 6000 per year (just $80) to small and marginal farmers in India. It’s what liberals do. They take from the poor and they give to the rich. They just do it with a smile.

If you are an Indian elite, puffed up with the recent support of the Canadian PM, it is time for you to take a pause. And explain to the rest of us what your liberalism really means.

If you are a protester at Singhu border, please think again. The Canadian government does not care about you. The Canadian Prime Minister is only using you as a pawn to harvest Khalistani votes back in his country. This is our country, our people and our legitimately elected government. Let’s engage with each other, with love and respect, without involving foreigners. Because nobody will care about you except your own.

Never have I been more proud to be a Hindu and not a liberal. We are not a rich country like Canada. But India is making vaccines for the world. We are even giving away lakhs of doses for free.

The other day, Rihanna got her 100 million followers to hate India. Incidentally, Rihanna is from Barbados. On almost the same day, India received an official letter of thanks from the Prime Minister of Barbados. The country of Barbados has 2.8 lakh people and 1 lakh of them just received free vaccines from India.

Rihanna doesn’t care about her old country. She is rich. She is liberal.

But we do! While she makes millions of dollars defaming India, we send free vaccines to her old country. We wish everyone well. May the people of Barbados live long, be healthy and prosper. Sarve bhavantu sukhina, sarve santu niraamaya. It’s the Hindu way.

By the way, there was just one other rich country shameless enough to take from this international fund to help the poor. That was New Zealand led by Jacinda Arden. The other great icon of Indian liberals.

Don’t count on Indian liberals to have any shame.

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Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee is a columnist and author.  

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