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EU undermines democracy as it threatens Hungary for banning promotion of homosexuality, sex reassignment among children

The EU does not appear to believe that people have the right to govern themselves under laws agreed upon through a democratic political process.

The European Union has threatened Hungary with consequences for passing a law that bans promotion of homosexuality among children. Earlier, it had threatened Poland after some local authorities had declared ‘LGBT free zones’ in the country.

The European Union has passed a resolution against the laws and demanded that EU countries do everything in their power to stop it. The non-binding resolution also called for an infringement procedure that is taken against countries that violate the bloc’s laws. A senior official also called the law a ‘disgrace’.

“This legislation uses the protection of children as an excuse to discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation,” said EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. The resolution also calls for legal action against Hungary and reduced budgetary allocation to the country.

Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, remains resolute that he will not permit the EU to meddle with the country’s domestic law. “The European Parliament and the European Commission want that we let LGBTQ activists and organisations into the kindergartens and schools. Hungary does not want that,” he said on Facebook.

Orban stated, “Here Brussels bureaucrats have no business at all, no matter what they do we will not let LGBTQ activists among our children.” Hungary is not the only country that has earned the wrath of the bloc. Poland, too, is under the radar.

Senior EU officials were reported to have said that the bloc is considering legal action after ‘LGBT free zones’ had reportedly come up in Poland. A Polish Government official, however, insisted, “There are no laws in Poland that would discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation.”

EU undermines democracy

Quite clearly, the European Union is threatening to impose its will on Hungary in opposition to a law that was passed by the democratically elected parliament of Hungary. For all the professed support for democracy, it appears certain that the ruling class in the West have little respect for the will of the masses.

The EU does not appear to believe that people have the right to govern themselves under laws agreed upon through a democratic political process. The Orban Government has the overwhelming support of the Hungarian electorate, as evidenced by the two-thirds majority it won in the elections of 2018.

And yet, when the Orban Government passes a law that the EU does not approve of, it is the Orban Government that is labeled as ‘fascist’ and ‘bigoted’ among other things. It reflects a remarkable disrespect for the Hungarian people and the institution of democracy itself.

The EU has made it clear that when they speak of ‘safeguarding’ Democracy, what they really mean in protecting and furthering the cause of liberalism. And should the electorate of democratic countries not want to pursue liberalism, then it should be imposed on them by force if necessary.

Is the LGBT law passed in Hungary really bigoted?

The new law in Hungary bans promotion of homosexuality and sex-reassignment procedures among those under 18 years of age. The law in no manner bans homosexuality itself or criminalises homosexuality.

The law follows previous amendments to the Constitution that stated that the basis of the family is “marriage and the parent-child relationship” and that “the mother is a woman and the father is a man.”

These are, of course, normal sensible laws that does not jeopardize the personal rights of anyone. The current law in question only says children should not be exposed to homosexuality and sex-reassignment procedures is school sex education programmes, films and advertisements.

The law was passed keeping in mind the recent developments in the West for certain. In western countries, there is great concern among people that more and more children are identifying themselves as the opposite gender due to peer pressure and trans activism lobby groups are making it impossible for teachers and mental health experts from sounding off the alarm.

Russia has similar laws as well that bans promotion of homosexuality and sex-reassignment procedures among children. Vladimir Putin maintains that Russian society has no problem with homosexuality but children should be left alone until they come of age when they can make decisions for themselves regarding who they want to be.

The LGBT debate is vociferous in India as well

In India as well, LGBT groups are attempting to legalise same sex marriages under the Hindu Marriage Act and relevant laws in the country. It is despite the fact that marriage in India is traditionally understood to be a union between a man and a woman and by extension, between two families.

Other groups are also pushing gender identity politics among children with some groups training children to further mainstream the ideology. Efforts are also underway to normalise ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ for children.

Numerous countries in Europe are now taking preventive measures against such toxic ideologies. Hungary is one among them. It is well past time that India also takes measures to safeguard against such efforts.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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