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‘Malign the priest, desecrate the Gram Devata shrine’: How evangelists succeed in ‘Christianising’ village after village

“The focus of the evangelists is to cull the villagers from their roots. So they start creating nuisance around the Gram Devta temple and malign the priests to discourage the villagers from visiting the temples,” Vutukuti added.

“Tribals are not Hindus,” “Dalits are not Hindus,” “Hinduism is a conspiracy by the upper castes to oppress the lower castes and must be denounced as a religion.” 

These are not one-off statements strewn around by the ‘influential’ class on social media but a well-defined and well-designed strategy to uproot the Sanatan society, the biggest hindrance to the imperialistic goals of the evangelists. 

In our previous article, we spoke about inculturation methods used by the missionaries as bait to fool the gullible Hindu population. While some portray Jesus performing yoga, the others transform him into a Kathakali artist.

However, some visibly upset with these real-life accounts claimed that Hindus ‘willingly’ give up their religion and that the Bible does not prescribe forceful conversions. 

Then why is it that the ‘soul harvesters’ and ‘faith stealers’ are operating on foreign lands with a mission to convert the entire global population to Christianity? 

How is it that they operate? Is it that easy to make people give up their religion, faith and identity?

‘Dismantling gram devta’

Venkat Vutukuri, the founder of Daana Dharma, an organization working towards Ghar Vapsi, in a talk on ‘The Uncrossing’ revealed how the evangelists make their way into the tribal hamlets of India to lure them to Christianity.

In a discussion on ‘Church, State and Politics’ Vutukuri said, “If one visits any small hamlet in India and hands them over a book or anything else, they will never say no. They might not make use of it, but the villagers will never say a ‘no’ and this is what the missionaries take undue advantage of.”

Explaining the modus operandi, Vutukuti further said, “What holds a village together is their Gram Devata (village god) or the Kula Devta. One crack in the traditional lifestyle and the entire village ecosystem will start to fall apart.”

“In a multilevel strategy, a Christian activist or a pastor first visits a hamlet to casually engage in conversations with the villagers. He then rents a house and indulges in in-depth research of the hamlet’s ecosystem, the economic condition, popular occupations and information of the village head, priests and the most powerful or influential family,” said Vutukuri.

“Once identified, they lure the village heads or the influential person of the village by pumping in monies which essentially is considered as an investment to ‘deHinduize’ the hamlet. Their typical locations to captivate the audience are schools and hospitals so they start setting up free health camps and study camps,” informed the social activist further. 

However, providing free aid in the garb of charity is not where they stop. “The focus of the evangelists is to cull the villagers from their roots. So they start creating nuisance around the Gram Devata temple and malign the priests to discourage the villagers from visiting the temples,” Vutukuti added.

The gullible population is then redirected towards the healing centres, Christian prayer meets and newly planted churches as also said in documentaries published by Mission Kaali. 

‘Replacing temples with churches’

We reported how missionaries create a rift in an otherwise peaceful village post converting a sizeable population. “The missionaries give them tasks like desecrating and urinating on Hindu god idols to prove their loyalty to Jesus and complete their conversion. The village is never at peace after that,” revealed another social activist, Subodh Rathi. 

“With a majority of the families converting to Christianity, the Gram Deva temples often lay abandoned. It becomes impossible for a handful of families to keep the temple alive economically as well as religiously. They too end up converting to Christianity,” revealed the founder of Daana Dharma. 

To counter the highly sophisticated strategy deployed by the missionaries, Vutukuri’s organization has begun resurrecting the Gram Devata temples to keep the Sanatan ethos and ecosystem alive. 

Daana Dharma has reconstructed over 60 Gram Devata temples. They also offer educational support and annadanam. “We must not mistake their (evangelicals) charity with our seva,” warned Vutukuri who believes that the intention of both cannot be equated. 

In another bid to counter the imperialistic evangelical attempts, Prakasarao Velagapudi, Co-founder and President of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, another organization dedicated to Ghar Vapsi has now issued pamphlets in various local languages comparing verses from the Bible and Gita to allow the people to make an informed choice before converting. 

Watch ‘The Uncrossing’ for more discussions around Christian Fundamentalism.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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