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Viral video from Rajasthan: Two sisters-in-law of a millionaire family get into hand-to-hand combat mode, fall into drain fighting

The women fought with such intensity they fell into a nearby drain. Their respective family members, instead of trying to separate them, joined in the fight.

Arfa Khanum claims Islam permits Muslim women to enter mosques to offer Namaz, gets called out for ‘misinformation’ by fellow Muslims

Calling the netizens 'low IQ Sanghis', Arfa Khanum Sherwani claimed that Muslim women could go inside the Masjid, break their fast and offer namaz there.

When five brave women brought the British to their knees: A Hanuman Janmotsav story that every Indian must know

The tale is about the valour of five women and their resolute devotion to Lord Hanuman in the face of British atrocities.

‘Pahadan chalegi? Kitna deti hai?’: Netizens demand action against YouTuber Bhuvan Bam for derogatory video on women from mountainous areas

Netizens strongly criticized YouTuber Bhuvan Bam for a vulgar video on women from mountainous areas

Afghanistan: Taliban prevent women from boarding flights without male companions

Taliban commanders refused to let dozens of women board flights, unless they were accompanied by a male guardian.

Indian women team hammer Pakistan in Women’s World Cup by 107 runs, 11-0 in India Pakistan matches now

ICC Women's Cricket World Cup 2022: India defeats Pakistan in its opening match by 107 runs

Dangers of ‘instant feminism’ and the burqa row: How it creates unsafe space for non-Hijabi women

It is time to move beyond simplistic virtue signalling on the issue of Hijab and analyse the issue without bias. We owe it to the pioneers of feminism.

Complaint filed in the case of sexual harassment of Hindu women, whose pics were pornographically morphed for ‘stud Muslim men’

Complaint filed against Reddit and users who morphed images of Hindu women in a sexually derogatory manner.

Rape fantasies, sexual objectification and harassment of Hindu women: How targeting of some women hasn’t made it to news

And as everything evolves, so has targeted harassment. Hindu women on social media are now victims of rape fantasies and sexual objectification for Muslim men.

Hslut4Mstud: Hindu women sexually objectified, targeted with pornographic content on Reddit, Twitter and Tumblr ‘for Muslim studs’

Users in the Reddit, Twitter and Tumblr community posted images of Hindu girls with objectionable comments portraying them as sexual objects for Muslim men.

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