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2022 Beijing Olympics

Chinese official assaults Dutch reporter during live coverage of Beijing Winter Olympics, video shows him being grabbed and pushed away

Sjoerd den Daas, a Dutch journalist, was assaulted by a Chinese cop during live coverage from Beijing Winter Olympics

Tibetans in Delhi stage protests against the Beijing Winter Olympics, burn Chinese flags and demand freedom

Tibetans in Delhi staged protests in front of the Chinese embassy against Beijing Winter Olympics that begins later today

‘We stand with friends’: US govt supports India’s decision, condemns China’s attempts to politicise 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

"We've previously voiced our concerns on Beijing’s pattern of ongoing attempts to intimidate its neighbours," remarked US State Department spokesperson.

Indian envoy to boycott the opening and closing ceremony of Beijing Winter Olympics, Doordarshan to not telecast it live either

MEA also said that the India has taken the issue of the torture of Arunachal Pradesh boy who was taken in custody by the Chinese side earlier in January.

As countries rally to join diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics, Pakistan PM Imran Khan set to visit China for opening ceremony

China is facing 'diplomatic boycott' from many western nations over its gross human rights abuses

Local Chinese media claims two Omicron cases found in China’s Tianjin

Notably, Tianjin is only 115 KM away from Beijing, the host city for Winter Olympics scheduled for February 2022.

Australia announces diplomatic boycott of Winter Olympics in Beijing over human rights abuses in China

The 24th Winter Olympics will take place from February 4 to 20 next year in Beijing in China under the shadow of Covid 19 pandemics.

Biden administration to boycott 2022 Beijing Olympics over human rights abuses, reports suggest

Earlier this month, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken had stated that Washington and its allies are in "active conversations" about how to approach the Beijing Olympics.

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