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Ranveer Singh reunites with Johnny Sins in a spoof of teleshopping ads from 90s, draws attention towards men’s sexual health: Watch

The commercial ad featuring Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins addresses the issues of men’s sexual performance.

“I don’t think India has declared China an enemy country”: DMK MP K Kanimozhi defends party’s ‘Chinese Rocket’ Ad after PM Modi’s criticism

DMK MP K Kanimozhi came to the party's defence after PM Narendra Modi criticised the state government's newspaper advertisement allegedly showcasing 'China rocket' picture.

DMK minister publishes advertisement with Chinese flag on a rocket on the occasion of PM Modi launching ISRO’s new rocket launch pad in Tamil...

Tamil Nadu BJP President K Annamalai slammed the DMK government over the advertisement featuring a rocket with Chinese flag

Ranveer Singh’s hilarious new ad helping Johnny Sins solve his sexual problems goes viral: Watch

Ranveer Singh-starrer advertisement on men's sexual health with Porn actor Johnny Sins has gone viral on the internet.

Did TOI make a mistake and publish all photos upside-down on their front page – The truth of the viral photo

Times of India, as part of an ad campaign, published all photos on front page as inverted. Readers shared photographs of paper in amusement.

No, the ‘Love Jihad in Kerala’ viral video with Skybags suitcase towards end is not ad for VIP, read details

Recently, on Eid, a video of Kerala actors had gone viral which showed a man, playing role of Muslim man, removing bindi of the woman playing role of Hindu woman in love with him and covering her head in what appeared like a hijab, insinuating conversion of faith in name of faith.

Manjulika in Metro was not youngsters making a prank video, it was an ad for boAT headphones shot with permission. Read details

Viral video of Manjulika in a Noida Metro coach was an ad for boAT headphones with permission from NMRC

Centre releases endorsement guidelines for Celebrities and Social Media Influencers to ensure that they don’t mislead consumers

Department of Consumer Affairs released the guide ‘Endorsements Know-hows!’ for celebrities, influencers and virtual influencers on social media platforms

Luxury brand ‘Balenciaga’ under fire over disturbing photoshoot of children with BDSM theme, here is what happened

The children were shown posing with teddy bears, which were dressed in fishnet tops, leather harnesses and collars with locks.

‘Chief Twit’ Elon Musk assures advertisers that Twitter will not become a ‘free-for-all hellscape’ amid concerns of softened moderation under him

Elon Musk said that he has not acquired Twitter to make more money, but to provide a common digital town square

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