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Agra: Private hospital forced to return extra money charged for treatment after CM Yogi Adityanath’s intervention

Following the complaint by the patient's son, CM Yogi Adityanath ordered a probe and the extra money charged by the pvt hospital was returned.

Oxygen supply of patients not cut during mock drill in Paras Hospital, nobody died due to lack of oxygen, finds audit committee: Read full...

Committee probing Paras Hospital mock drill case confirms hospital did not snap oxygen, death of patients due to co-morbidities

“News of 22 deaths baseless,” says Dr Arinjay Jain, owner of Agra’s Paras Hospital refuting claims of deaths due to ‘mock drill’

“Agra is a small city. There would an outcry if 22 patients die at a hospital. No patients died due to oxygen shortage that day,” informed DM on the Paras Hospital matter.

UP govt seals Agra hospital after video of owner admitting to snapping oxygen of patients goes viral

The action against the Agra hospital was taken after the matter showcasing the hospital's laxity, allegedly leading to the death of 22 patients, came to light.

Viral video shows Agra hospital owner admitting he switched off oxygen of critical patients, probe ordered

District authorities in Agra have launched a probe after a video of the incident that took place on April 26 went viral on social media

‘We were used by media, everyone from DM to CMO helped’: Family of RSS worker who died of COVID denies The Print report of...

Phone call recordings expose lies of The Print alleging that RSS worker didn't get help from govt before dying of Covid-19

No, UP Police did not take away oxygen cylinder man arranged for his mother in critical condition for ‘VIP’, viral video claims fake

Viral video claimed that the oxygen cylinder was forcefully taken away for a 'VIP' in Agra.

Agra: Septicemia patient Irfan’s rumoured death triggers anger, relatives vandalise hospital, assault nurse

Agra police informed that the patient Irfan was admitted to the hospital as he was suffering from Septicemia.

Remember Agra kidnapping case where a girl was shrouded in Burqa? Here is why she planned the abduction herself

On Monday night, the police recovered the girl from a PG in Delhi's Tilak Nagar area. On being asked about the abduction, she claimed to have gone to Delhi to prepare for NEET examination.

Animal fat used to make ghee in Agra: Police recovers animal horns, hooves and bones, arrests Shafi, Chand Babu and others

UP Police raided the factory in Agra and recovered more than 100 kg of counterfeit ghee along with animal bones, horns and hooves

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