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ahmedabad terrorist attack

15 years since the Ahmedabad blasts of 2008 when 21 explosions rocked the peaceful city killing 56 people: Read account of a victim’s family

"Papa had also given blood, but while coming out, seeing some injured people in an ambulance, Papa ran there too to help them. At the same time, there was a bomb blast and Dad's whole body was pierced with sharp-edged objects", Swapnil said.

26 July, 2008: When terrorists chose Quran over constitution and killed Amdavadis, never forget the dastardly attack

Terrorism may not have religion, but if we look at history of independent India, the number of terror attacks in name of one particular religion where terrorists choose their holy books over secular constitution are quite high.

‘Quran is above all, Indian Constitution has no value’: Ahmedabad bomb blast convict Safdar Nagori has no regrets for killing innocents

SIMI terrorist Safdar Nagori does not believe in the Indian Constitution. He has said that only Quran matters to him.

Hindus keep getting killed over social media posts: No freedom of expression for Harsha, Kishan and many more

People getting slayed over social media posts shows that there is no such thing as freedom of expression for Hindus in India.

Twitter removes cartoon posted by Gujarat BJP hailing judiciary for awarding death sentence to 38 convicts in 2008 Ahmedabad serial blast case

BJP Gujarat cartoon depicting court awarding death sentence to 38 convicts in 2008 Ahmedabad blast case deleted by Twitter

A tale of two Indias: Of Burhan Wani, the terrorist and Yash Vyas, the survivor

'Witnessed atrocities' is often an argument given to justify terrorists picking up arms, but for every one terrorist who does it, there are hundreds of Yash Vyas who choose pen.

Relatives of Ahmedabad bomb blast convicts seen campaigning with SP chief, alleges UP CM Yogi Adityanath

Md Saif, son of SP leader Shadab Ahmed, was one of the 49 convicts in the 2008 Ahmedabad bomb blast case.

Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind opposes death penalty to 2008 Ahmedabad serial blasts convict, says will take the matter till Supreme Court if needed

Jamiat has also recently given a reward of Rs 5 lakh to burqa clad person identified as Muskan Khan who shouted Allahu Akbar while protesting against hijab ban in schools since hijabs are in violation of school uniform.

‘Ahmedabad serial blasts were a broad pan-India conspiracy, then Gujarat CM Narendra Modi was one of the high-profile targets’: IPS Abhay Chudasama

The IPS officer said the then Gujarat CM Narendra Modi was one of the targets of the Ahmedabad serial blasts

38 convicts awarded death sentences in 2008 Ahmedabad bomb blast case, 11 others get life imprisonment

Out o total 49 convicts in 2008 Ahmedabad bomb blast case, 38 awarded death sentences

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