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The claims were made in a report by Livemint which quoted anonymous sources.
Instead of admiration for attempts to modernize the armed forces, nefarious campaigns based on unfounded allegations are labelling it a 'scam'
Photo appeared like a newspaper clipping about Reliance Jio, except that its authenticity was entirely in doubt.
The word 'Pappu' is now blasphemous for Congress. Regardless of the context, the party won't tolerate it.
Although telecom companies maybe heaving a sigh of relief, it maybe premature to uncork the champagne.
BJP has put out documents which show that corporates including Ambani and Adani were favored during its tenure.
Take it with a pinch of salt. Some kite-flying on what Arnab can do next.
Has Barkha Dutt left or been removed from a company she founded with Shekhar Gupta?
Full page ads in many newspapers by Reliance saw Prime Minister Narendra Modi's photo on it. Is it legal?
Is Arun Jaitly getting rid of media posts attacking him?
Different reactions, the #CorporateEspionage case has evoked
What does the Indian Express list say and how many of the people named could actually be criminals?

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