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Raghuram Rajan: The establishment man, who descends on India when the weather is pleasant, now lies about PLIs helping Ambanis and Adanis

Raghuram Rajan is one of those quintessential experts who track record shows he was very much part of the establishment for years.

While Rahul Gandhi keeps attacking Ambani-Adani, Congress govt in Rajasthan gives 1,600 hectares of land to Adani Group

1,600 hectare land has been given to Adani Group on lease for developing a Solar Park by Congress-led Rajasthan Govt.

Chhaati, chaaku and Hindus: Rahul Gandhi’s ready reckoner on absolute bullshit

Earlier in the day, his sister Priyanka Gandhi, too, had addressed a rally, which was largely inconsequential and not as entertaining.

Rohini Singh of The Wire attracts Islamist attack on Reliance, here is what it says about the mentality

Rohini Singh posted a tweet accusing the Reliance of funding anti-Muslim media network and asked the Governor of Saudi PIF if he endorsed its deal with Saudi oil company Aramco

Adani announces deal with Flipkart for new data centre and logistics facility, ‘Ambani-Adani’ social media warriors now want to boycott Flipkart

Adani Group's chairman Gautam Adani announced on Twitter that in the two-prog partnership, AdaniConneX will build Flipkart's new Tier 4 data centre and Adani Logistics, India's leader in logistics, will build Flipkart's 534,000 sqft fulfilment centre.

Days after Maharashtra govt transferred case to ATS, NIA takes over investigation in case related to bomb threat at Mukesh Ambani residence

While Antila bomb scare ase will be handles by NIA, the probe into Mansukh Hiren's death still remains ATS

Ambani house bomb threat: ATS files case of murder, criminal conspiracy two days after Mansukh Hiren’s death

Mansukh Hiren's family have alleged that he was murdered. Hiren was the owner of the car which was found with gelatin near Mukesh Ambani's house.

‘Plan to attack your family is ready’: Full text of threat letter to Mukesh Ambani and investigation so far into bomb threat

Two days after explosives was discovered outside Antilla, residence of Mukesh Ambani, more details have emerged regarding bomb threat

Adani Pavilion and Reliance Pavilion at Narendra Modi Stadium: All you want to know about naming stadiums and pavilions

The stadium was named after PM Modi as he was a former president of GCA, and Reliance & Adan won bids to sponsor two pavilions

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