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Conman posing as PMO official visiting J&K arrested: How Congress ecosystem continues to insult and vilify Gujarat and Gujaratis

No sooner did security officials arrest one Kiran Patel, a Gujarati man, for posing as a PMO official assigned to visit tourist destinations in Jammu and Kashmir, Congress ecosystem rushed to insult and vilify the entire Gujarati community, underscoring their deep-seated hatred for the state and its citizenry.

The pathological hatred of PM Modi seems to have had a detrimental effect on the psyche of the Congress party and its supporters, with their nurtured ecosystem going to great lengths, even becoming paradoxical, in their efforts to undermine the central government. While accusing the Modi government of being against diversity, the Congress ecosystem has been steadily othering, insulting, and defaming those who refuse to align with their divisive agenda and throw their weight behind the Modi regime.

Therefore, when the police recently arrested a conman from Gujarat who posed as a member of the PMO entrusted with the responsibility of looking for improvement in hotel facilities in Jammu and Kashmir, the Congress ecosystem and its elements fell over themselves to defame Gujarat and Gujaratis over the incident.

Kiran J Patel’s Twitter account is verified and boasts more than a thousand followers. However, Patel falsely presented himself as an additional director for strategy and campaigns in the Prime Minister’s Office during a trip to various tourist destinations in Kashmir, including Gulmarg. He claimed that he was there on behalf of the government to assess and improve hotel facilities in the region. Shockingly, Patel managed to deceive the authorities and was even granted Z-plus security cover, a bulletproof SUV, and luxurious accommodation at a five-star hotel in Jammu and Kashmir.

However, Patel was arrested by vigilant security officials on his third visit to the Kashmir Valley on March 3. He had been staying in a five-star hotel in Srinagar and had been falsely presenting himself as an “additional secretary” in the government, which allowed him to receive special treatment such as security coverage and other amenities.

Congress ecosystem insults Gujaratis after the arrest of a Gujarati man for posing as PMO official in J&K

Before long, social media was rife with posts on how a man hoodwinked security officials and got free accommodation in the Valley. However, for the Congress ecosystem and its supportive trolls, it was yet another occasion to further their contempt and hatred toward Gujarat since the man in question hailed from Gujarat.

Congress supporter @RoflGandhi_, who amassed a considerable following on Twitter by deriding Rahul Gandhi and Congress initially, took to the microblogging platform to insult the Gujarati community after the arrest of conman Kiran Patel, stating that the ‘consistency of Gujarat in producing frauds is amazing’.

“This is Kiran Patel, a Gujarati conman. He visited Kashmir posing as a high ranked PMO officer, he was provided a Z security cover, a 5 star stay at The Lalit Srinagar and also held several key meetings for months. The consistency of Gujarat in producing frauds is amazing,” the Congress troll tweeted, in line with the party’s constant efforts to insult and ridicule the Gujarati community.

Jas Oberoi, a columnist with Newslaundry and a history of appalling bigotry, also took to Twitter to attack Gujarat and Gujaratis over the Kiran Patel incident.

“This man was arrested today because he posed as a delegate from the PM office & made a fool out of Kashmir police & administration. He stayed in a 5-star hotel for days & had a good time at the govt’s expense. You can guess the state he hails from. I’m sure,” tweeted Oberoi, the oblique reference to Gujarat being apparent.

Others, too, joined in attacking Gujarat and Gujarati after the security officials arrested Kiran Patel for pretending to be a PMO official.

How Congress and its ecosystem’s continues to vilify Gujarat and Gujaratis

The fact that a stray incident is used to defame and slander an entire community underscores the contempt and hatred harboured by the Congress ecosystem for Gujarat and the Gujaratis. While Congress and its supporters routinely pontificate about their opponents on inclusiveness, they felt no qualms in stereotyping an entire community based on a single incident, even though Kiran Patel’s Gujarati roots had no links to his deception.

However, the attempt to humiliate and attack Gujarat and Gujaratis over an isolated incident is a predictable Congress hack of undermining a state and its population that has consistently rejected its anti-development and pro-minority appeasement politics. For over 27 years, Congress failed to establish itself in Gujarat as BJP returned to power in every assembly election, most recently in December 2022 when the saffron party formed a government with an unprecedented mandate.

As Gujarat has given a wide berth to the Congress, its ecosystem has studiously endeavoured to defame and vilify the state, with questions being routinely raised on the state’s development model and socio-religious conditions of its people.

Of late, Congress ecosystem and party leader Rahul Gandhi have trained their guns in portraying Gujarat in a bad light since PM Modi also hails from the same state and in the absence of any credible agenda to target the Centre. Congress party’s foremost leader, Rahul Gandhi, and leaders below him, routinely make jibes against businessmen Ambani and Adani to attack the Modi government.

Adani and Ambani being Gujaratis, provide yet another opportunity for the Congress ecosystem to vilify the entire community even as they struggle to mount a persuasive campaign against PM Modi and the BJP government. Rahul Gandhi, his deputies, and his loyal footsoldiers on social media have often attacked the businessmen with no evidence to back their claims that the Centre has exhibited favouritism to them.

The Gandhi scion had tried to implicate PM Modi of favouring Ambani in the Rafale deal but the Supreme Court of the country gave a clean chit to the deal, asserting that the allegations lacked merit and that there were no irregularities in the purchase of the fighter jets. But Congress loyalists continue to believe their supreme leader that there was wrongdoing in the Rafale deal, even though the highest judicial authority of the country has given a clean chit to the purchase agreement.

Therefore, the recent attempt to broadly generalise Gujarat as the land of frauds and criminals by the Congress ecosystem nothing but underscores the party’s deep-seated hatred of the Gujaratis for opposing their polarising politics and exercising their constitutionally guaranteed right of electing the party of their choosing.

PM Modi hails from Gujarat and is in many ways the ambassador of the state. Therefore, the Congress ecosystem, which has tried in vain to raise aspersions on PM Modi’s moral character and implicate him in contrived corruption cases, has now moved on to defame the entire Gujarati community and use the association to pull the Prime Minister down.

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