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Hyderabad: ‘Open Charminar mosque for Namaz, Bhagya Lakshmi temple is an illegal structure’, says Congress leader Rashed Khan

Congress leaders also called for the shut down of the Bhagya Lakshmi temple near Charminar if the government had no plans to allow Namaz in the mosque located inside the Charminar.

Qutub Minar: Minister of Culture denies reports that the Archaeological Survey of India is asked to conduct excavation at the complex

Earlier, media had reported that ASI has been tasked with conducting an excavation drive in the Qutub Minar complex to ascertain the facts about the structure

Bhojshala: An educational centre and a historic temple of Goddess Saraswati. How it became the Kamal Maulana mosque

Alauddin Khilji massacred 1200 Hindu students and teachers at Bhojshala for refusing to convert to Islam, and demolished the temple complex.

Former ASI regional director says Qutub Minar was built as ‘Surya Stambh’, an ancient Hindu observatory to study astronomy

Former ASI regional director Dharamveer Sharma has stated that Qutub MInar was actually Surya Stambh and it was built by Emperor Vikramaditya.

Madhya Pradesh High Court admits petition seeking stay on Namaz, allowed by ASI, in Bhojshala Temple complex: Read full details

Madhya Pradesh High Court admitted a petition seeking a stay on the offering of Namaz by Muslims in the complex of the Bhojshala monument

Jammu and Kashmir: ASI objects to Hindu Pooja at Martand Sun Temple, had previously allowed Bollywood film shooting at the temple

"We have raised our concerns with the district administration over the pooja at Martand Sun Temple. It is a violation of our rules", the ASI said.

Plea before Allahabad High Court seeks opening of locked rooms in Taj Mahal to ascertain existence of Shiva temple

The petition suggests that since many Hindu groups have been claiming that the Taj Mahal is an old Shiva Temple, an inquiry must be conducted and the controversy should be put to rest.

‘Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque near Qutub Minar was built after demolishing 27 temples, hiding the truth is a mistake’: Archaeologist KK Mohammed

"The biggest mistake communist Historians make is that they try to hide the truth. It is a fact that temples were demolished and there is no benefit of hiding the truth", KK Mohammad stated.

NMA asks ASI to move two Ganesha idols from Qutub Minar complex to a ‘respectable’ place at the National Museum: Report

The Indian Express reported that NMA has asked ASI to move two Ganesha idols from the Qutub Minar complex and keep it in the National Museum.

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