Tuesday, April 20, 2021



The implosion of AAP – churn or crash and burn?

The wheels are fast coming off AAP's high speed bandwagon

Ashutosh tweeted awesomely even before he joined AAP. Take a look

Selected gems from the twitter handle of Ashutosh

5 times Arnab Goswami went ballistic on Newshour

Love him or hate him, Arnab Goswami will not stop going Nuclear on people

Here are some desperate lies that AAP tried to peddle to prove Modi’s degree fake

To brazen out a lie, AAP and supporters parroted out more lies, many of them outright silly.

7 Questions AAP must answer, irrespective of Ashutosh’s tears

AAP can not run away from these questions on Gajendra Singh's unfortunate and unnatural death.

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