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Defeating BJP is more important, so vote for anyone else even if he is a goon, Atishi Marlena's advice to voters
Not so long ago, Man Booker prize winner and well-known Naxal sympathiser Arundhati Roy had claimed that the Rafale fighter jets are aircraft carriers.
The veteran journalist who is currently running his own news portal in Hindi revealed that media coverage of the hijack incident created undue pressure on the central government and they had to accept the demands of the hijackers, which included the release of three terrorists.
AAP MLA Sukhpal Khaira claims party has totally deviated from the ideology and principles on which it was formed post Anna Hazare movement
Within six years of its formation as a political outfit from a bunch of activists, the party appears to have failed to evolve as a responsible political party.
Ashutosh lost the 2014 Lok Sabha elections to BJP's Dr. Harsh Vardhan
AAP leader Ashish Khetan refutes rumours of being upset over not being offered Rajya Sabha seat
There appears to be no end to Kejriwal's troubles.
Agarwal issued a legal notice to all the concerned parties in November 2006
The AAP leader had made objectionable remarks against former Prime Ministers Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Jawahar Lal Nehru in his blog.
The party has claimed that he wasn't paying much attention to the party's affairs
After Nitin Gadkari, Bikram Majithia and Kapil Sibal, Kejriwal and his team apologise to Arun Jaitley.
After Jethmalani, another senior lawyer quits as Kejriwal's lawyer
Ashutosh’s plea of getting Arun Jaitley’s statement re-recorded in Hindi was rejected in DDCA defamation case
For the AAP, troubles just seem to have begun.
The wheels are fast coming off AAP's high speed bandwagon
Selected gems from the twitter handle of Ashutosh
Love him or hate him, Arnab Goswami will not stop going Nuclear on people
To brazen out a lie, AAP and supporters parroted out more lies, many of them outright silly.
AAP can not run away from these questions on Gajendra Singh's unfortunate and unnatural death.

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