Monday, September 20, 2021


Bofors Scam

Modi challenges Congress to fight elections in Rajiv Gandhi’s name, who presided over Bofors scam and 1984 riots

The Bofors scam, 1984 anti-Sikh riots and Bhopal gas tragedy have come back to haunt Congress

Congress writes to EC against PM Modi’s comment calling Rajiv Gandhi ‘Bhrastachari number 1’, says its against poll code

PM Modi had said in a rally in UP that Rahul Gandhi's father Rajiv Gandhi's life had ended as 'Bhrashtachari number 1'.

‘Bofors ka dalal kaun hai? Rajiv Gandhi,’ How the Opposition back in the late 80s chanted ‘Rajiv Gandhi Chor Hai’

Congress workers had abused and beaten up Sagar University journalism department head for a question asked in an examination

PM Modi attacks Rahul Gandhi saying “Your father’s life ended as Bhrashtachari No. 1”, rattles Congress leaders

He accused Rahul Gandhi of having only one objective of tarnishing his image

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