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Tibet Monks beaten, arrested for ‘leaking info’ after being forced to watch the demolition of giant Buddha by China in Draggo: Details

China in the Sichuan province destroyed a 99 foot tall Buddha statue and 45 prayer wheels in the Draggo county, Kham, Tibet

2300-year-old Buddhist Temple discovered in Northwest Pakistan by a joint Italian-Pakistani team

A 2300 years old Buddhist Temple has been discovered in Northwest Pakistan along with several other Buddhist artefacts

Uttar Pradesh: PM Modi inaugurates Kushinagar airport, delegation of monks from Sri Lanka brings Buddha’s relics for the ceremony

Kushinagar airport is the 9th airport in Uttar Pradesh and is expected to boost tourism as it is an important place for Buddhists.

No faith in Lord Ram, Krishna, to no Pind Daan and no puja by Brahmins: The ‘Great Conversion’ and 22 vows of Ambedkar

The Great Conversion or Dharma Deeksha took place in Nagpur on October 14. Dr Ambedkar took 22 vows while converting to Buddhism.

On the 65th anniversary of Dr BR Ambedkar’s conversion to Buddhism, read what he thought of Islam and the Muslims in India

Ambedkar opined that it is an improbable prospect to expect Muslims to accept the authority of a government ruled by a Hindu majority because for them Hindus are Kaffirs and therefore, unworthy of respect and undeserving of ruling them.

Firebrand Buddhist monk Ashin Wirathu released from prison by Myanmar military: Read who he is

Firebrand Buddhist Monk Ashin Wirathu was released from prison by the Burmese Military on Monday.

Communist China may have clamped down on Tibetans, but Dalai Lama still lives in their hearts: Tibetan activists

The Dalai Lama has been the political ruler of Tibet at least since 1642, with nearly 500 years of a Tibetan government under the institution of the spiritual leader.

UP: Police find conversion of over 200 people to Buddhism fake, people were asked to sign conversion papers disguised as govt scheme

After reports of 236 Valmiki community members converting to Buddhisim, police find no evidence of conversion in Karehra village

‘If you don’t destroy it, your marriage will end’: Newly discovered ancient Buddha statue destroyed on Muslim cleric’s order in Pakistan

After an ancient Buddha statue was discovered during construction activity in Pakistan, it was destroyed on the orders of a Muslim cleric

India lodges strong protest over desecration of Buddhist carvings in PoK’s Gilgit-Baltistan, asks Pakistan to vacate illegally occupied territories

India has lodged a strong protest with Pakistan over the destruction of Indian-Buddhist heritage in the Gilgit-Baltistan region

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