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Great-grand-nephew of BR Ambedkar spews vitriol against Hinduism, calls it “Narak”, AAP minister endorses as 10,000 Hindus convert to Buddhism

At 8:41 minutes into the speech, he said, "We are after their fake 33 crores Gods and Goddesses and they are roaming around with our golden Buddha."

On Friday (October 5), a relative of BR Ambedkar spewed vitriol against Hinduism during an event organised by the Buddhist Society of India at the Dr BR Ambedkar Bhavan in Jhandewalan in New Delhi. The event was attended by AAP Minister Rajendra Pal Gautam who was sharing the stage with Rajratna Ambedkar when vitriol was spewed against Hindus and Hinduism.

During the event, a whopping 10,000 Hindus were converted to Buddhism. Rajratna Ambedkar, the great-grand-nephew of BR Ambedkar, labelled Hindu deities as fake and described Hinduism as Narak (Hell).

While speaking at the event, he claimed, “I came out of Narak – This is what Babasaheb Ambedkar said after converting to Buddhism. Hindu Dharma or Brahman Dharma is equivalent to the status of Hell.”

“There is no concept of Heaven or Hell in Buddhism. But if it was there, it would have been Brahman Dharam. This is what Ambedkar had said,” Rajratna further alleged.

“Therefore, I request those of you, who are stuck in this Hell of Brahman Dharma, to come to the fold of Buddhism,” the great-grand-nephew of BR Ambedkar remarked.

At 8:41 minutes into the speech, he said, “We are after their fake 33 crores Gods and Goddesses and they are roaming around with our golden Buddha.”

Encourages people to denounce Hinduism

Rajratna then accused Nitin Gadkari, Narendra Modi, and ‘Peshwa Brahmin’ Devendra Fadnavis of hijacking the identity of Ambedkar and supposedly presenting themselves as Buddhists to the entire world.

Citing the example of Yogi Adityanath and his biography, ‘The Monk who became Chief Minister’, Rajratna claimed that India is misleading people around the globe with the impression that a Buddhist monk became the CM of India’s most populous State.

“They have entrapped us in the Hindu Faith with fear and intimidation. Therefore, we must encourage people to publicly denounce their religion and embrace Buddhism. It is only then we account for the debt that we owe to Ambedkar,” he continued his rant.

Rajratna Ambedkar fear mongers about the removal of caste-based reservation

Rajratna resorted to fear-mongering and claimed that the Modi government is ending privatising all sectors and thereby removing caste-based reservations.

He further claimed that Hindus belonging to reserved categories are afraid of converting to Buddhism for the fear of losing reservation benefits. “You did not convert out of the fear of not receiving reservation benefits. Now, the government is removing those jobs altogether. You are left with nothing. The only hope is that you convert to Buddhism and avail benefits that apply to religious minorities in the country.”

Rajratna lamented how the socially backward communities including ‘Chamar’, ‘Jaatav’, ‘Valmiki’, and ‘Mahar’ still associate with their caste and have not completely disassociated from their Hindu identity.

Threats to defame India on a global platform

He claimed that the Indian Constitution is inspired by the teachings of Gautam Buddha. “Read the preamble. No religion teaches equality and brotherhood, except Buddhism,” he said.

Rajratna alleged that BR Ambedkar believed that Constitutional principles will not be enforced in the country for a long period of time and hence asked followers to convert. “Ambedkar knew that Lord Buddha will stand behind his followers in times of distress,” he said.

“I am going on a world tour and will meet representatives from Buddhist-majority countries. I will expose the true plight of Indian Buddhists at a global stage,” he threatened to defame India abroad.

Rajendra Pal Gautam, AAP Minister present at the event, also lamented how BR Ambedkar died within a month of converting to Buddhism and failed to convert the whole nation.

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