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Byju Raveendran

From once being on Forbes’ Billionaire list, Byju Raveendran’s net worth plummets to zero

A year ago, Byju Raveendran's net worth stood at ₹17,545 crore ($2.1 billion) However, in the wake of a series of crises, his net worth has dropped to zero.

Byju’s vacates all offices except Bengaluru Headquarters, mandates employees to work from home

In previous years, Byju’s laid off thousands of its employees and recently it defaulted in paying the full salaries of its employees for February.

Rumours of my firing exaggerated and highly inaccurate: After being ‘fired’ by Bjyu’s shareholders, B. Raveendran asserts he continues to be the CEO

Byju's CEO Byju Raveendran refuses to accept decision of shareholders to fire him, calls the EGM invalid

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