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Chinese Spying Balloon

US probe reveals Chinese spy balloon used American technology to spy on Americans

A satellite-like device was suspended from the balloon with sensors, solar panels for power, and other devices to take photos and videos, and capture radar data

India and the US discussed the Chinese spy balloons: Top US Air Force commander

Earlier this year, the US had shot down a Chinese spy balloon that had drifted across America.

Chinese spy balloon was equipped with antennas and sensors, the programme has spied on 40 countries on 5 continents, says US govt

Pentagon officials claimed that they did not deem the Chinese surveillance balloon as a threat when it crossed Alaska.

Chinese spy balloons have targeted India and other countries as well: WaPo report

This comes after the US Air Force F-22 Raptor fighter jet on Saturday, February 4 ,shot down the suspected Chinese surveillance balloon.

US Air Force shoots down Chinese balloon, draws ire of the CCP

The Pentagon announced on Thursday (February 2) that it was tracking a Chinese spy balloon that was floating high over the United States. The incident accelerated tensions between the two sides.

Second spy balloon spotted over Latin America, Defence Sec Antony Blinken postpones his Beijing visit even as China calls it a ‘weather balloon’

A day after a spy balloon was spotted flying over Montana in the United States, another spy balloon has been spotted flying in the skies of Latin America, Pentagon confirmed

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