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Sanjay Raut is ‘speechless’ after centre says ‘no state reported deaths due to oxygen shortage’, here is why he should ask his own govt...

Sanjay Raut forgets that Maharashtra govt had itself said no patient died due to oxygen shortage, attacks Modi govt for data provided by states

Eid celebrations may turn out to be superspreader event as Kerala records over 17k new cases during lockdown relaxation

Amidst raging infections and its inability to manage the pandemic, the Pinarayi Vijayan government had given in to pressure of Muslim community in the society and had lifted lockdown restrictions for three days for the celebration of Bakrid or Eid-ul-Adha from July 18 to July 20.

How ‘liberals’ twisted Union Govt’s statement to claim it is lying about lack of oxygen deaths during COVID-19 second wave

A host of left-leaning liberals misquoted the Union Govt's statement to claim it was denying deaths due to lack of oxygen.

Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab gear up to reopening schools as Chinese coronavirus cases come down again

States determined to bring normalcy, reopen schools for higher standards after observing a stead decline in new Covid-19 cases and an accelerated vaccination drive.

Supreme Court slams Kerala govt for relaxing COVID-19 norms for Bakrid on the day relaxations conclude: Details

The Supreme Court came down hard on the Kerala government, describing the relaxations announced in the view of Bakrid as an “alarming state of affairs” and asked the state to heed its Kanwar Yatra order

Over 150 ex-civil servants slam ‘handful of highly prejudiced and habitually complaining elements in the fraternity’ for targeting Yogi Govt

The trigger was the recent statement by the group of former civil servants who accused the Yogi govt of eliminating members of the minority communities in police encounters

India sends oxygen concentrators and liquid oxygen to Indonesia as Chinese coronavirus pandemic rages: Details

India has sent 300 oxygen concentrators and liquid oxygen supplies to Indonesia amid resurgent coronavirus outbreak

SC avoids passing order to stop Kerala’s lockdown relaxation for Bakra Eid, had taken suo motu case against Kanwar Yatra in UP

SC going soft on Kerala Govt's decision to relax Covid curbs during Bakra Eid is in stark contrast to its stand on Kanwar Yatra in UP.

China reports the first fatality due to Monkey B Virus, veterinary doctor was first to get infected while working on primates

A veterinary doctor in China died after getting infected with with Monkey B Virus (BV) while researching on non-human primates

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