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Cultural identity

China has destroyed hundreds of mosques in Xinjiang, forcefully assimilating Uyghurs into Han Chinese culture: Report

The report titled 'China is using archaeology as a weapon' elaborated how the state is unearthing ancient justifications for its rule over Xinjiang. China has destroyed hundreds of mosques and Muslim shrines across Xinjiang.

Canada: British Columbia tribe announces discovery of another 160 unmarked graves near site of defunct missionary school

The residential schools were run by the Church, with funding from the federal government of Canada.

Narendra Modi, Pradhan Swayamsevak – Part II

In order to gain a meaningful insight into Karma Yoga, it is first necessary to understand SwaDharma

The protests, condemnation, silence and support is all driven by one need : ‘Roti’

Mankind evolved, but trace elements of the jungle remained

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