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Dehradun: Ahtasam and Sahil rape two Hindu minor sisters after entrapping them in love affair; arrested

Ahtasam entrapped the younger sister in a love affair, and introduced her elder sister to Sahil. The men took the girls to a hotel in Dehradun, where they were raped.

Dehradun: Rahman posing as Aman threatens to throw acid on married woman for refusing his advances, had forced her to meet him by threatening...

The victim in Dehradun and her husband were issued death threats by Rahman after he had an altercation with him.

Haldwani Violence: Lakhs of rupees collected through mosques to assist offenders, Abdul Malik also used Darul Uloom Deoband to gather money while on the...

Qazi Maulana Mohammad Ahmad Qasmi asked for money from mosques to aid the 'victims' of the Haldwani violence in a viral video.

Love Jihad in U’khand: Faisal pretends to be Hindu to lure minor girl into a relationship, rapes and tortures her

A minor Hindu girl was trapped in love jihad by Faisal who lied about his identity and pretended to be her co-religionist.

Dehradun: Man who urinated outside Kali temple and broke windows identified as Saddam and arrested, family says he is a mental patient

Dehradun: Man who urinated outside Kali temple and broke windows identified as Saddam, arrested

Stones hurled, glass shattered, and urinated upon: A skull-cap-donning bearded man caught on camera desecrating a temple in Dehradun; sparks outrage

A bearded man wearing a skull cap was caught on camera urinating at the gate of a temple in Dehradun and later hurling stones at it.

Dehradun: 21-year-old Hindu youth commits suicide, father accuses his ‘friend’ Alisha and her family of conspiring his death

The Dehradun police have booked a woman named Alisha, her parents Imtiaz and Rishma, and her maternal uncle Nadeem for abetting the suicide of a 21-year-old Hindu youth named Rohit Sharma

Uttarakhand: Minister Ganesh Joshi refutes claims that he had asked for land for a mosque, asks Police to register FIR for a viral letter...

Uttarakhand Minister Ganesh Joshi has said that he never wrote a letter requesting land for a mosque and the viral letter is fake

Dehradun: Md Salik and his brother pretend to be Hindus to trap Hindu sisters in a double love jihad case, caught after making an...

Mohammad Salik pretends to be Lucky Rana to trap a Hindu girl in Dehradun while his brother trapped her sister, caught after marriage was fixed

Uttarakhand: Tamanna leads her Hindu friend to her brother Arman Ansari, forces her to convert to Islam and marry him

The victim and a girl named Tamanna were classmates, which led to the development of their friendship. Tamanna introduced the victim to her brother, Arman Ansari who forced the victim to convert.

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