Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Eid al-Adha

When lettuce burqa clad PETA ‘activists’ were assaulted for promoting vegetarianism and booked under blasphemy laws ahead of Bakri Eid

An incident from 2014 when PETA was accused of hurting religious sentiments for asking Muslims to go vegetarian on Bakri Eid is going viral on social media.

PETA India chooses ‘peace’ this Bakri Eid, stays away from festival shaming unlike during Hindu festivals

Over the years, people have pointed out PETA India's hypocrisy over its stand on animal cruelty but they have always chosen 'peace' over appealing to the community to go vegan.

Pakistan: Sacrificial goat purchased by former wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal for Eid ul Adha stolen from his Lahore residence

Kamran Akmal brought six goats for the sacrifice on upcoming Eid ul Adha. His father said that the best one of the six goats was stolen.

Pakistan: Cow for slaughter hoisted to rooftop ahead of Eid-al-Adha, onlookers call the animal cruelty ‘enjoyment’

The viral video from Pakistan shows a cow hoisted to the rooftop ahead of Eid-al-Adha amid cheers from onlookers.

China: Over 170 Uyghur Muslims detained for offering Eid prayers in violation of orders in Xinjiang

Authorities had allowed people above 50 to offer Eid prayers, more than 170 Uyghur Muslims below 50 detained for violating the order

Kerala govt imposes restrictions on Hindus ahead of Onam a week after relaxations on ‘super spreader’ Eid

Kerala Health Minister Veena George has asked Hindus to avoid crowds, events, celebrations and visits to relatives and friends ahead of Onam, citing Covid-19.

Bakrid celebrations in Kerala turns out to be “Covid-19 Super-Spreader” as state records more than 50% of total new cases in the country

Despite being worst hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, Kerala govt had allowed relaxations for Bakrid, which caused new cases to double in a week

Larger than life flex boards placed near temples hailing Kerala CM as ‘God’ stirs controversy, CPI(M) denies involvement

Several flex banners have come up near Valanchery Maha Vishnu Temple in Malappuram in Kerala hailing the Kerala CM and the govt as the God

UP police thanks Eid celebrating public for keeping it peaceful and cooperating with policemen

The police shared images of UP Police personnel standing guard outside mosques in various districts in Uttar Pradesh and making sure the COVID protocols are maintained.

Eid celebrations may turn out to be superspreader event as Kerala records over 17k new cases during lockdown relaxation

Amidst raging infections and its inability to manage the pandemic, the Pinarayi Vijayan government had given in to pressure of Muslim community in the society and had lifted lockdown restrictions for three days for the celebration of Bakrid or Eid-ul-Adha from July 18 to July 20.

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