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extra marital affair

Samina calls Sachin to meet and kills him by slitting his throat: ‘Khan Saab’ conspired murder over suspicion of an extramarital affair with his...

Sachin was fired by Habib Khan from his factory in Delhi but he presumed that the victim was still talking to his wife.

Social media accounts of Sweden based professor Ashok Swain hacked, alleged leaked direct messages indicate affair with young woman working under him

Leaked direct messages of Ashok Swain with female research assistant under him indicate an affair, and a fight with his son over it

Uttar Pradesh: Zeeshan kills pregnant wife and attempts to shoot younger brother over suspicion of ‘illicit affair’ between the two

The Uttar Pradesh police said that preliminary prove revealed that the woman was pregnant and the husband suspected that the child belonged to his younger brother

Uttar Pradesh: Man murders wife and daughter over love affair in Lalitpur, makes up a ‘robbery story’ to project himself as victim

Neeraj also ransacked his own house to give the appearance of a robbery. He then hid the cricket bat, used in the murder of his wife, inside the cupboard.

UP: Married Afshana burns close friend Zeenat to death in Meerut to escape with lover, gets life imprisonment

A court in Meerut has sentenced Afshana Begum to life imprisonment for killing her friend Zennat Begum by setting her on fire.

Punjab: Gym owner who came back from Qatar shot dead in his home, wife arrested for planning murder with boyfriend

Reports have stated that the deceased person's wife had an affair with the main accused named Mahavir Singh. The wife has been arrested.

Kanpur: Man’s private parts bitten by his girlfriend’s friend for refusing her sexual advances

A married man had his private parts bitten after he refused sexual advances of his girlfriend's friend.

Gujarat shocker: Teen girl develops relationship with mother’s boyfriend, gets her mother killed for objecting to the affair

A 17-year-old girl killed her mother after she started an affair with her boyfriend and the mother opposed it.

Jharkhand: Zulekha kills her husband named ‘Muslim’ with the help of lover-turned-son-in-law Nazir, both arrested

Zulekha and her son-in-law Nazir murdered her husband Muslim with an axe in order to continue their extramarital affair.

Khalistani separatist fugitive Amritpal Singh blackmailed women with obscene videos, chatted with married women: Reports

Amritpal Singh lamented how women supposedly become too attached to him and justified the idea of extra-marital relationships as long as the marriage in question is unharmed.

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