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USA: Police in Fairfax say Muslim girl’s allegations were false, no racial comments were made during fight between 2 students

The City of Fairfax Police Department in Virginia has dismissed the Muslim girl's claims that the assault was motivated by hate towards her race or religion.

How Alt News cofounder Mohammed Zubair communalised a petty quarrel and tried to defame ‘Jai Shri Ram’

It must be pointed out that the video of the assault does not contain any audio, which can verify the claim that Saifi was coerced into chanting 'Jai Shri Ram' or 'Ram Ram'

IndiaSpend’s faulty ‘factchecker’ shuts down its heavily biased and dubious ‘hate crime watch’

The 'Hate Crime Watch' had gone to the extent of giving a clean chit to Islamic terrorist who was responsible for the Pulwama terror attack.

Bihar man unleashes his dog on cow, journalist invents Hindu-Muslim angle

Journalist Narendra Nath gave it a communal angle and spread fake information that the matters escalated over rumours that the dog owner was a Muslim

Rising Intolerance? Here are a dozen ‘hate crime’ stories that turned out to be fake

In recent times, there has been a spate of 'hate crimes' which gained great press coverage but invariably turned out to be fake.

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