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Grooming Jihad Tracker

Love Jihad in Assam: Abdul Sahjahan becomes ‘Mintu Roy’ to entrap a Hindu girl, tortures and force feed her beef

Abdul Sahjahan, tortured the Hindu girl he married under false aliases, and forced fed her beef.

Madhya Pradesh: Firdos Khan traps a 21-year-old, physically abuses her for days and forces her to convert to Islam, arrested

The accused abducted the girl and took her to Khandwa, Burhanpur and then Jabalbur. He physically abused her while in the journey and also trapped her in Jabalpur to abuse

Noida police take cognisance of grooming jihad case where Murad posed as Sameer to target Hindu woman, forced to convert and sent goons to...

The Noida police have taken cognisance of the grooming jihad case reported in Faridabad and Noida where a man named Murad Ali masqueraded as Sameer to lure a Hindu girl.

Haryana: Murad Ali poses as Sameer to marry Hindu woman in a temple, forces to convert to Islam and withdraw FIR by sending goons...

A horrifying case of Grooming Jihad has come to the fore from Faridabad in Haryana, where a man named Murad Ali masqueraded as Sameer develop a relationship with a Hindu woman.

46 cases in 7 months, minor Hindu girls targeted: Increasing cases of Grooming Jihad in Bareilly where men use false identities

In many cases, minor Hindu girls were targeted and later forced to convert to Islam by doing a Nikah.

Uttar Pradesh Love Jihad: Aslam Khan becomes Sanjay to lure and marry a Hindu woman, victim discovers after two years

Simran Patel alleged that Aslam Khanhad duped and married her pretending to be Sanjay and sexually exploited her for 2 years

A love jihad victim, who had accused one Akram Qureshi of ‘trapping’ her by faking his identity and forcing her to convert to Islam,...

32-year-old grooming jihad victim named Neetu Yadav was found dead in her house Loni, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Tamil Nadu: Police arrest Iman for leaking nude images of Hindu woman for not converting to Islam, had forced her to wear Hijab, abused...

21-year-old man named Iman Hameef was arrested for forcibly trying to convert a Dalit Hindu woman to Islam and posting her intimate pictures on social media.

Love Jihad in MP: Illegal house of Imran who feigned as Raju to marry a Hindu girl demolished; his brother and a Maulana had...

The Love Jihad victim revealed that Imran’s family had forced her into prostitution and she was raped by multiple men.

Haridwar: Sadiq lures and rapes a 13-year-old minor girl by posing as ‘Ratan Tyagi’, arrested after family files complaint

The Haridwar police have arrested a Muslim youth named Sadiq who posed as a Hindu to befriend a minor girl and raped her thereafter.

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