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Mumbai: Abdul Rashid Abdul Latif posts morphed, derogatory images of Hindu Gods, booked after complaint

The accused who has been named in the police complaint as Abdul Rashid Abdul Latif used pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses and morphed them into derogatory images further hurting the Hindu religious sentiments of the community.

Chhattisgarh: 12 booked for insulting Hindu Gods and Brahmins in a public event; Christian organisers appealed to break EVMs during elections

In the viral video, the speakers can be seen using derogatory language towards the Hindu community and Brahmins, as well as instigating people against Hinduism.

4 FIRs, 2 cases of insult to Goddess Sita and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj: Here’s what happened before the violence in Maharashtra’s Satara

Violence in Satara over objectionable comments: Read what exactly triggered the violence resulting in the death of one

Adhik Maas: Know why the Shravan month is 59-days long this year, and has 8 Mondays

The month of Sawan this year is said to have begun on July 4 with its first Monday falling on July 10. Accorning to the Purnimanta Hindu calendar calculations, this Sawan month has 59 days and 8 Mondays.

Madhya Pradesh: Ganesh and John insult Hindu Gods, lure Hindu woman to convert to Christianity, arrested

Two persons in Madhya Pradesh for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus and forcing them to convert their religion to Christianity

The Hindu Group’s Chairperson rebuffs their journalist for taking a dig on Hindu gods while mocking EAM Dr Jaishankar

Parthasarathy was reacting to The Hindu journalist S. Anandan's tweet where he was mocking Dr Jaishankar's statement on how he draws foreign policy lessons from Mahabharata, the Hindu epic.

Bangladesh: Islamists vandalise Saraswati idol, attack Hindu worshippers, Farook and 5 others nabbed

During the assault, two Hindus named Hriday Biswas and Shayan Sarkar were grievously injured.

Goddess Benzaiten: For ages, the Japanese have worshipped this Buddhist manifestation of the Hindu deity Maa Saraswati

Did you know that the Japanese Buddhist goddess Benzaiten has origins in the Hindu goddess Maa Saraswati and shares a lot of the same characteristics

Garuda, Vishnu, and Lotus: G20 Summit has these icons, and they were not chosen by India

The G20 summit is taking place at the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK), a sprawling Indonesian cultural centre in Bali.

‘Event was scheduled on public land’: Delhi HC denies permission for Maa Bhagwati Jagran despite permission from civic authorities

The 'Mahila Hawkers Welfare Association' pointed out that the cops disrupted the event last year due to no prior imitation.

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