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Hindu Nationalism

Hinduphobia in Western media: As India goes to polls to elect a new government, global news organisations turn to anti-Hindu prejudice

Qatar-owned propaganda news outlet Al Jazeera, notorious for peddling lies and twisting facts, claimed that another term under Modi govt could threaten Muslims' way of life in India.

Pro-monarchy protests erupt in Nepal, police use water canons and tear gas; read how this demand emerged in the once-Hindu nation

The embrace of leftist principles has resulted in the erosion of Nepal's cultural heritage and traditional identity, the protestors believe.

Global Hindu Nation Festival to be held in Goa to brainstorm on ‘Hindu Rashtra’, discuss issues faced by Hindus

Hindu Janjagruti Samiti announced that it will organise the Global Hindu Nation Festival in Goa from 16th June 2023 to 22nd June 2023

‘India already a Hindu nation, state and nation are two different things’; RSS General Secretary Dattatreya Hosabale asserts

RSS' Dattatreya Hosabale said that the concept of nation and State are different and that India has always been a Hindu nation.

Was Ayushman Kaul of Tek Fog fame behind the DFR Lab report that wanted to censor Hindu nationalists on Twitter

Ayushman Kaul had collaborated with The Wire on several projects, including the one on Tek Fog, a dubious, non-existent app, in January 2022.

Tajinder Bagga to Kapil Mishra: Twitter Files reveal how US govt, and Soros-funded DFR Lab wanted to censor ‘Hindu Nationalist’ accounts associated with BJP

The DFR Lab is a product of the Atlantic Council, an organisation funded by the US government and George Soros' Open Society Foundation that works to promote US and Western interests.

‘India was, is, and will always be a Hindu Rashtra, every Indian is a Hindu’: Yogi Adityanath

Yogi Adityanath said, "Shri Aurobindo had very clearly declared about Pakistan that it has no spiritual identity. It is Pakistan's good fortune that it survived so far despite having no reality of its own."

Fringe group Hindu Raksha Dal claims responsibility for violence at JNU, says the university is hotbed of anti-national activities

Hindu Raksha Dal leader Pinky Chaudhary releases video message claiming responsibility for JNU violence

How ‘Liberalism’ bolsters Nationalism in India: A protective shield against the malevolent anti-India forces

In India the political doctrine of nationalism is on an upsurge, taking giant leaps forward, changing the socio-political framework and causing tectonic shifts.

RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat’s remarks irk Owaisi, says ‘will not let this country become Hindu Rashtra’

"Bharat is not a Hindu Rashtra, and Inshallah, we will not allow it to become so," Owaisi said.

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