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Hindu youth

Delhi: Bajrang Dal worker Nitesh dies after he was beaten by Ufiza, Adnan, and Abbas 3 days ago, police deny communal angle

Nitesh was beaten on October 12 after which he was admitted to the hospital, but he died on October 15

Delhi: 17-year-old Shivam stabbed to death while returning from Vijaya Dashami procession in Jahangirpuri

17-year-old Shivam was a resident of Mukundpur and he had killed while returning from Vijaya Dashami procession in Jahangirpuri

Rajasthan: Bikaner youth Madhusudan Modi stabbed for resisting molestation of girls at Garba event; Shahrukh, Zubair, Sameer and others booked

Madhusudan Modi was stabbed by Sameer Nadsa, Shahrukh Pathan, Zubair Pathan & others for stopping them from molesting girls at Garba event

Delhi: ‘We Killed him, pick up the body’, Aalam, Bilal, and Faizan tell Sunder Nagari locals after killing Manish by stabbing him 60 times

Manish was killed because he was testifying in court against Qasim and Mohsin who snatched his mobile phone and stabbed him one year ago.

Gujarat: Hindu youth Rohit Singh dies by suicide after his Muslim wife and brother-in-law forcefully feed him beef

Rohit Singh committed suicide after his wife Sonam and her brother Mukhtar fed him beef, and then they didn't inform his family about the death

Meerut: Gay friends Imran, Shavej, Ali and Salman kill youth Yash Rastogi suspecting he had their video, chop body into pieces

Homosexual Muslim friends of Yash Rastogi made physical relationships with him before killing him by slitting off his neck

Karnataka: Hindu youth Vijaya Kamble killed by a mob over Interfaith love affair in Kalaburgi

On the night of May 25, 2022, Vijaya Kamble was killed under a railway bridge using weapons, stones and bricks. 

Karnataka youth Prakash Lonare attacked over posting ‘smileys’ on a social media post on Tipu Sultan

Prakash Lonare, a youth in Bagalkote was attacked with sharp weapons by an enraged mob of 15-20 people on February 19.

‘Either hang them or give them to me, I will kill them’, Rupesh Pandey’s mother demands capital punishment for killers of her son

The devastated mother of deceased Jharkhand minor Rupesh Pandey demands capital punishment for the killers of her son

“I went with Mantosh Saini on my will, no one pressurised me”, Fazilat Khatoon clears the air about the Madhubani ‘kidnapping’ case

Fazilat Khatoon said her parents had asked her to elope with Mantosh Saini as he is from wealthy family, and charges of kidnapping are wrong

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